Chapter 6: Blind Maid...?

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(Robin's POV)
Before we entered the room I had to bring down the rules.
"Absolutely no rock bending, water bending, or any other attacking problems you have okay?"
She nodded. I pointed fingers down.
"Stay here."
"I don't even know where 'here is.'"
I sighed. "Just stay were you're standing."
"Okay... Sheesh... Mr. Bossy."
"I can hear you."
Before she could answer, I shut the door behind me.
All eyes were on me.
"So... who was it?" Beastboy asked.
"Well... Uh...."
(Luna's POV)
I hear some parts or the conversation like; 'No she cannot' or 'She attacked us and stole many vital idems!' And I agree. I did some very bad things and I felt bad. My leader, Slade, was a extremely bad leader. Now I know what you're thinking; 'Never and I mean EVER team up with Slade!' I'm sorry okay?! He said he was the good guy!!
Some more voices rang out. 'Seems good to me.' And 'Don't ever let her into my room.' What did she mean by that? The door suddenly slid open, which made me jump. It made everyone else jump too, seeing me right next to the door, staring into empty space, non-blinking. I could tell they jumped because of, duh, vibrations.
"Luna, come inside." Robin said.
I stepped inside, almost dropping on my face.
"Watch out for that step!" Said a small boy voice.
"Thanks for the warning..." I say, recovering.
"Come and sit down!" Said a cheery female voice. I walk until I ram my body into the couch. I'm loosing my patience now....
"You guys! If you're going to show me something, you have to lead me there!" I say with a huff. "Sorry...." I recover.
Finally a hand leads me to the couch and I lower myself down.
"So, see talked things through and... we are not sending you to jail. But for specific reasons." Said Robin.
Not... sending me to jail...?
"We are going to let you stay here!" Said the cheery voice again.
"On one condition, you have to clean the tower or do the dishes when we're out." Robin said.
"H-How? If you hadn't noticed already.... I'm blind! I don't think a blind maid would be a good idea..." I pushed.
"Alright... If you don't agree... we can take you to jail." Said a boy from behind.
"Fine." I say simply.
"But I have some conditions too. Someone has to show me around so I can familiarize the tower. And if you leave me alone in the tower, how do you know I won't do anything bad?"
"Cameras." They said in unison.
I blew my hair out of my face.
"So... what about battles? Can I join too?" I ask.
No one answers.
"Hello? Can't I? As you can tell, if I can kick your butts..." I use my fingers to count. "Twice... I though there would be more than that, I should be able to be fine fighting bad guys!" It was a pretty darn good negotiation if I do say so myself.
"Okay... we will give you the right to fight with us." Said Robin.
"Yes! Thank you!" I say with y fist shooting up into the air. This was going to be awesome!

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