One - California craziness

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"Okay, baby girl,  I know you'll be successful. You were destined for greatness." my momma says, wiping the tears from her eyes. Today is the day. I graduated from high school a while back and got a scholarship to UCLA. I just landed in Los Angeles.  "Thank you. Don't cry, ma." I say, wiping her eyes. She laughs. "I'm so proud of you. You made it, baby." she says. "Yeah, I did." I say.

People always say a child with both parents in a home is more likely to succeed than somebody coming from a broken home.  I strongly disagree though.  I made it out of Terror Town in Chicago with only my momma in my life. For a seventeen year old black girl coming from where I'm from, I'm expected to have no diploma, be on welfare, and have at least two babies running around with different trifling baby daddies. But nope, I made it out the struggle with my single mother to thank.

"Listen to me. Don't you get off here on no bad foot, you hear me?" she asks. I nod my head. "I hear you, OG." I joke. She laughs and pulls me in a hug. "Be safe. I love you." she says. "I love you too." I say. I walk away to the cab. I wave goodbye to her and get in. This is a new beginning.

I'm in my dorm, setting my side of the room up. My room mate steps in.  "Ummm... so I guess you the new bitch." she bluntly says. I look at her crazy. "New bitch?" I ask. "That's what I said." she says, then puts her hands on her thin hips. I look her up and down. "Don't come for me, G." I say, still unpacking. "I just did." she says, stepping up to me. I blow then push her. "Look, bitch. Don't start." I say. She draws back and punches me dead in my jaw.

I start swinging on her anywhere I can hit her. She grabs a hand full of my hair, punching back. I slam her to the wall and start going in on this leaf headed hoe. She screams out in pain then digs her nails in my face. The door opens. "Mane, Arya, chill!" some dude hollers, pulling me off her.

"What? Treyvon, she started this bs!" she screams. "What the fuck? I don't know what you justifying your reason for getting yo ass whooped for!" I scream at her. Another dude pins me to the wall. "Chill out." he says. It's like his presence demands respect.  Maybe he does get that respect from some other females but not from me. "Get up off me, bitch ass nigga! Get back!" I yell, bucking around.  He shoots me a cold look. "What you just say to me?" he snarls. I push him and point my finger in his face. "What? You deaf, G?" I yell.  He stares down at me and starts laughing hysterically.  "Let me tell you somethin' bitch, ion know what kinda niggas you used to talking to but I ain't them! Fuck out my face, hoe!" he snaps. "Fuck out your face? You in mine though! Aw, okay!" I yell. His friend Treyvon starts laughing. "D, leave the bitch alone." he says. "Hell naw. She disrespectful. Hoe, you too ugly to be tryin' to disrespect somebody." he says. I look him up and down. "What are you? Nigga, you ain't cute!" I snap. "I ain't cute? Bitch, I can fuck yo momma." he says, laughing at his own joke. I draw back and slap spit out of his mouth. "Watch how you talk to me!" I scream. He starts pacing, holding his face. "That's what I thought." I say. I turn around and continue to unpack my stuff. He kicks my stuff across the room then throws some of it out the door and into the hallway. "Fuck your stuff!" he barks at me, then storms out the dorm.

I'm sitting here looking extra stupid.  "He crazy as hell." I mumble, picking my stuff up. "That's D for you." my room mate mumbles, helping me pick my stuff up. I look at her funny. "Are you bi polar?" I ask. She chuckles.  "No. I don't have a problem admitting when I'm wrong though." she says, shrugging her shoulders.  I nod my head, continuing to grab stuff. "Arya." she says, extending her hand. I shake it. "Rara." I introduce myself.  She looks at me funny. "What's your real name?" she asks, chuckling.  "What you need to know for?" I ask. She laughs.  "Dang, where you from? You feisty." she says. "Chicago." I simply say. "That explains how you fight so good." she says, laughing.

I laugh along with her. "Well, where I'm from, you ain't got no choice." I say. She nods her head. "I'm from Canada." she says. I laugh. "That's wassup, man." I say. She nods her head. "So... how are the guys in Chicago?" she asks. "Dread headed shooters." I answer. That's how the ones around my way are. She laughs. "You date any of them?" she asks. "Man, are you in fifth grade? Quit asking me that shit." I say. "My bad then." she says, putting my stuff back in my container. "Thank you for the help though." I say. "You're welcome." she says, then walks out of the dorm.

I caught a cab to Target. I grab a bottle of Pine Sol and put it in my basket. "Wassup?" a guy with neat braids, light brown skin, dark brown eyes, and pink lips asks me. He's cute but ain't my type. "Hey." I say, waving at him. "What's your name, gorgeous?" he asks. I chuckle.  "Rara. You?" I ask. "Keith. I can't help but notice you by yourself. Let me keep you company." he says. "I'm straight." I tell him. He chuckles.  "Let me give you my number then, gorgeous." he says, grinning. I sigh and hand my phone to him. "Dumb ass bitch, you got jacked!" his friend yells. They both take off running with my phone. I kick the bottles of home cleaners off the shelf and scream.  What the fuck is wrong with California, man?

I just got back to the dorm. "What's wrong?" Arya asks. "Mothafuckas took my phone." I say. She shakes her head. "I thought you were from Chicago. Don't you have a gun?" she asks.  I sigh. "I didn't take it with me. Plus, a cell phone ain't worth nobody's life." I say.  She shrugs her shoulders. "Suit yourself." she says, applying make up. "Where you going?" I ask. "To the AKA party. You coming?" she asks. I shake my head no. "I'm not in the mood." I say. "Girl, cheer up. You just got to California. You might as well end your night well." she says. I shrug my shoulders then head in the restroom.  I'm not doing anything else. I might as well.

We just stepped into the party. The smell of loud weed and alcohol takes over my senses.  "Damn, I didn't know college was like this." I say. She chuckles.  "Oh, theres Trey. Come on." she says, pulling me. We walk over to ol dude Treyvon and the guy who threw my stuff and a few other guys. "Treyvon, this is Rara." Arya says. He nods his head. "Didn't yall just fight?" he asks. "We cool now." I tell him. He shrugs his shoulders.  "What you looking at?" I ask his friend. "You." he shoots back. Arya laughs. "D, I know you ain't still mad cause she slapped you." Arya says. "Forget her." he says, then puts his red cup back to his lips. "Don't nobody care about him being mad." I say. Trey laughs, shaking his head. "The pettiness, mane." he says. D shrugs his shoulders. K. Camp's "Cut Her Off" starts blasting throughout the party.  Arya and Trey run off on the dance floor, leaving only me and D.

I nod my head to the song. "Why you looking at me?" I ask D. "You wanna dance?" he bluntly asks. I shrug my shoulders. He stands up and gets behind me.  I grind backwards on him, getting  into the song. I bend over and start twerking. He holds my waist, grinding into my ass. The song ends. I move away and sit down. He comes over to me. "Leave with me." he says. "What? You asked for a dance. Ain't nobody finna leave with you. Boy, bye." I say. He chuckles. "Why you gotta act like that? What's yo name, ma?" he asks. "Why you worried, dad?" I ask, grinning. He chuckles. "Cause, I need to know, extraño." he says. I chuckle.  "I guess my name is stranger then." I say with a smirk. I get up and walk to the kitchen. I grab a bag of Doritos off of the table and open them. "Give me some." D says, standing in front of me. "Why you following me? It's some more. Get your own." he says. He snatches them and starts eating them. "I said give me some." he says, smacking on my chips. I shake my head. "Greedy bastard. What you want?" I ask. "You to leave with me." he says. "For what?" I ask. "What you mean, for what? You know how the game go." he says, laughing.  I put my hand on my hip. "I really don't, so enlighten me." I say.

"You already know what I want. I ain't finna sugar coat it." he says.  I shake my head. "Go fuck yourself." I say, pushing him out my way. "You ain't even cute no way, bitch!" he yells, causing people to look. "Yeah, sure! You mad cause you ain't getting this pussy, nigga!" I yell back. His boys start clowning him. I walk over to Trey and Arya. "I'm about to go." I tell them. "We are too. I'm leaving with him." she says.  "You stay on campus?" I ask Trey. "Nah. I don't go here." he says. I nod my head and hug Arya. "See you later." I say, then leave the party.

Today has been a long ass day. I refuse to let California's craziness sink me under though.




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