The Rules

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Rule 0:
Common sense and understanding. This means no rude behavior, follow the rest of the rules, respect the results, etc. A lot of work goes into making an awards and the people behind this account do a lot for nearly nothing in return. Please respect and understand the following rules.

Rule 1:
You must give a permanent follow to the following:
This account! @papercommunity
The Founder: vhentii

The Hosts: panickedsociety
eternitea40 -h0lytrinity

As well as your judges, to be announced.

Rule 2:
You must add this award book to your reading list, as well as give it a shoutout on your wall.

Rule 3:
Your book must meet the following requirements:

a. Minimum 6 chapters for regular stories, minimum 3 for poetry, short story and random (not including author's note, aesthetics, etc.)
- This is so that we have some idea that you have substantial content, as well as a commitment to your story. No one wants to award a story that will end up unfinished.
b. Your reads must not exceed 10k.
- This awards is for undiscovered writers. Stay tuned for future awards with different requirements (i.e. must be more than 10k reads)
c. You must have a minimum of 20 followers to enter.
- This is so that we know that users are generally interested in your work or in you. Your personality and the content of your work are deciding factors to know if you have what it takes.

Rule 4:
Your book must be your own work, and bribing of any form is not tolerated. Please be respectful and kind to all hosts, judges, participants, and readers. The password is your favorite book.

Changing of username or book title is absolutely not allowed. If we cannot find your username or story, your entry will be considered void.
Blacklisted people are not permitted on The Paper Awards.

tl;dr: if you have not read the rules, read them, or you will not be accepted :)

Additionally, winners from the Shimmer and Shine awards will not be accepted with their winning stories because Shimmer and Shine were carried over into this awards as well. Some hosts and judges are also the same. Thanks for understanding!

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