Chapter 9: Surprising News

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Chapter 9: Surprising News

-- Lucy's P.O.V.--

Lately I've been talking with Natsu and Levy alot! Now I'm helping Levy with a little problem...

"LU-CHAN!!!" She screamed throught the phone.

"Y-yes?" I asked. Wow.. Levy sure can scream.

"You NEED, and when I say need I really mean NEED, to help me!" She said almost crying...

"How can I help you?" I said calmly.

"Well... I meet this guy a few weeks ago later when I meet you..." She said softly.

"Mhmm... This is intresting..." I said.

"And well... Ummm.. He is coming over everyday now... And... Umm.."
She said nervously

"....." I stayed quiet for a while.

"I get this feeling... Umm my heart starts to accelerate and..."

"OH MY GLOB!" I shouted and looked around so no maid whould hear me.

"W-what?" She asked.

"Gurrrll, You are.... IN LOVE!" I said a little bit sassy.

"No no no! I cant! Gajeel can't never love me..."

--In another place far from Lucy--

"ACHOO!" Gajeel sneezed.

"Bless you!" Someone shouted.
"Thanks!" He shouted back.
"Someone talking about me..."

-- Back to Lucy--

"Yes! And why does he come to your house anyway?" I ask

"Well... He says that I cannot be alone all the time...."

"I KNEW IT!" I screamed again and started to fangirl...

"Lu-chan calm down! And what about you and Natsu?"

When Levy-chan said that I couldnt say anything, instead I blushed.

"See you can't deny you like Natsu!"
she said giggling.

"N-no!" I said trying to deny it.

" Natsu and Lucy sitting on a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" Levy sang.

"S-Stop it!" I said blushing more.

"Lucy-sama, your Father is calling you." said a maid at the door.

"Coming! Gotta go Levy-chan..." I said.

"Okay! Talk to you later!" She said and she hanged up.

I got up from my chair and started walking to my father's office.

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