Chapter 1 - That Dude Is A Douche

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My mom is so embarrassing. We're at the Chicago Youth Artists summer camp, and my parents are dropping me off. I auditioned and found out that I got accepted months ago. It's not like she didn't know I'd be coming here. She's crying and hugging me and acting like she won't be seeing me for a year.

"It's two weeks, mom." I roll my eyes at her.

"I know, Sebastian. I'm going to miss you!"

"Yeah, I'll miss you, too." Probably. I guess. Maybe if I say it, she'll stop.

"Bianca, let him go. He's fifteen years old, and he's perfectly capable of spending two weeks at music camp on his own." my dad tells her.

My mom sniffs and says, "You're right, Nathan. Do you promise to call, Bello?"

"Yes, mom." I stop myself from rolling my eyes again.

I hug my parents and wave them goodbye before following some signs to head toward the registration area. I walk up to a table and stand behind a cute girl who's waiting to register. She turns to look at me, and I smile at her.

The girl turns pink and says, "Hi, I'm Ashley."

"Hi, I'm Sebastian," I reply.

She looks like she might be my age. Ashley has long, brown hair and dark eyes. She's really pretty, and I wonder if she has a boyfriend.

"Do you play an instrument?" I ask her.

"Yeah, piano. You?"

"Guitar," I tell her and smile at her, which makes her turn pink again.

So, yeah, I'd be lying if I said that I didn't know I'm hot. Whatever. I've always been into sports as well as music, and I have a good body. My hair's black like my mom's, but I have really blue eyes like my dad.

"That's so cool. I've tried to play guitar, but I'm terrible," she laughs.

I had a girlfriend at school last year, but her dad is in the Army, and we broke up when she moved away. Basically, I wouldn't say no to spending two weeks with this chick.

"Do you sing?" I ask her.

"Yeah, you?"

"Yup. I do play some piano, but I'm not in any of the piano classes. Maybe we'll be in a singing class together?" I shrug casually as I say it.

The person who has been registering turns to leave, and I see who it is. I can't stop myself from groaning out loud, and I roll my eyes.

"Who's that?" Ashley whispers to me as she follows my gaze.

He's walked away, now, and he didn't see me. So I answer her at a normal volume. "His name's Gabriel Knight. I go to school with him."

The person in front of Ashley in the line is going through the registration process now.

"Do you not like him?" she asks me, looking curious.

"You have never met a person more perfect than Gabriel Knight." I fake a gag, and she laughs. "He's a straight-A student, and he wins all these stupid awards at school. I'm pretty sure he plays the piano. Hey, you might be in a class with him. You'll see."

"I think I'd rather be in a class with you," Ashley tells me.

"Hey, if I had to choose between you and Gabriel Knight, I'd choose you every day of the week." I wink at her, and she turns pink again.

It's Ashley's turn to register, and I overhear her tell the person her name, apparently she's Ashley Williams. They give her a schedule for her classes and a map of the camp before she's given directions to head to a building on the other side of the camp for a placement exam after she's put her luggage in her cabin.

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