Chapter Thirty-Two: Tour

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As I sat down on the wooden chair, I was greeted by the smell of freshly baked bread and a cup of tea. I took the cup of tea which I assume to be herbal tea. There was an infusion of dried flowers of the sweet chamomile, only for me to exhale it all out. A smile came across my face as I felt like I was in peace. But I know this peace would have to end soon. But I would do anything just to have this forever, with my loved ones close and feeling their presence near me.

Beside me was Patricia, holding a book on her right hand and her cup of tea on the other. She felt at peace like I was. "Care to have a bite, miss?" A voice broke through my thoughts. I looked about to see the man from yesterday night, who welcomed me to his home. "Of course, thank you--" I paused and only looked at him for a heartbeat and finally, he replied "Emmanuel madame. Rude of me not introducing myself properly yesterday, I was quite on an errand you see." He chuckles.

"I'm thankful for letting me stay here for a while, Emmanuel." I smiled as I took a piece of bread that was on a basket at the center of the table. I took a bite of it and chew, it was an enjoyable moment, It made me remember the time where I would help grandma bake treats and bread. She was quite the baker. Emmanuel stared at me, waiting for a reaction.

"This taste wonderful." I say, taking another bite and washing it down with the cup of tea. "We have the finest crops in this village, so our bread are extraordinary. I'm pleased you enjoyed it, madame." he replied. I was abrupted by a baby crying. Patricia scurry her way to the baby, dropping the book she held. She picked the baby up from the bassinet as I got up and took the book from the floor.

"The wolf's prey" I read, looking through the pages. The baby giggled when she saw her mother. Patricia turned to look at me, "I've always been fond of books. I guess those silly stories never got out of me." She chuckles. I smiled back and sat back down on my seat, "Care to listen, (y/n)?" she asked and I nod my head.

"A wolf loved a fair maiden far in the village of Luxon, so he shapeshifted into a handsome man but never got the maiden's attention. Not once. When he found out that the maiden's heart already belonged to someone else, he captured her and took her far from the woods. And as far as her prince charming goes, I still haven't ventured into that yet." she smiled. Oh you would love my story. I suppose there's also a wolf and a prince charming in my life. But the only difference that it makes is that I once fell for the wolf.

"But when you look at the wolf in another perspective, you know how deeply in love he is with the maiden. He did everything just to make her happy. Don't you think (y/n)?" She asks, I turned to look at her and replied "Unless he's a monster and kills whoever touches her, then I don't think he deserves such pity. He deserves to rot in hell for all I care." when I finished my words, I didn't mean to come off harsh.

I got up from my sit and let go of the book, "Sorry, I didn't--" Patricia only smiled, which made me cut myself off. "That gave me a better perspective (y/n), no need to be sorry." she chuckles and I only smiled back. "If you don't mind, I'll be outside to get some fresh air." I said and Patricia nod as I went out of the door.

As I did, I felt the warm morning breeze I saw Emmanuel talking with some of the people in town. Wearing their straw hats and their ragged clothing. Emmanuel spotted me as I gave him a courteous smile. "Ah, (y/n) liking the fresh air I see?" he asked and I nod, "Yes, very much so." I chuckle in delight as I exhale the fresh morning air. "Would you like a tour around our town, madame?" he asked and before I could reply, I heard Patricia's voice behind me. "Yes, yes! You would love it here!" she said making me turn around to see her in an open window, holding the baby with her hands still.

I smiled as both of the couple looked at me, waiting for an answer. I nod my head, "I'd love that." I say, "Excellente!" Patricia smiled. Emmanuel went towards Patricia as she leaned forward on the open window, Emmanuel gave her a kiss on the forehead as the baby cries for his father. Emmanuel tickles the baby's stomach, making the child giggle. "Off you go now!" said Patricia. Emmanuel waved goodbye as I follow behind.

He explained about the crops and the tea they makes, showing how the lives of the workers here are like. They wore ragged clothing and straw hats, harvestings different kind of crops while the ladies goes through picking apples at the trees and eggs from the chickens, and milk from the cows. There was one men that was following us, helping Emmanuel with the guiding. He had brown hair and emerald eyes, he wore the same clothing as the other farmers with a straw hat dangling around his neck with a tie. His name was Oliver.

He turned to me, "Oh, and madame (y/n)! I heard there's other two newcomers in the village the night before you came here." He said. making me stop dead in my tracks. "Two newcomers?" I repeat, Oliver nod his head.

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