Ch. 5

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Chapter Five


"You!" I cower instinctively as my stepmother points a scrawny finger in my direction. "Where have you been?!" she yells so loudly I thought my eardrums would combust. She glanced at my bandaged arms for a second but didn't seemed worried about them because she turned her heated gaze back to me as if she haven't notice my arms at all.

"I-I was in the woods." I stutter the answer out which by the look on her face she didn't like. She stomps angrily towards me.

"You fucking liar! Always lying! Marie said you were out with the new male neighbors, you lying whore!" she accuses. I feel the tears sting in my eyes but I forced them back, not allowing them to fall. Of course Marie would do something to purposely get me hurt, it's her hobby.

"No, I was—" I try to reason with her but she cuts me off.

"SHUT UP! I will not hear another lie come out of your cock-sucking mouth, slut!" she shouts, grabbing a hold of my wrist. She tugs me harshly towards the kitchen, her long nails drawing blood on my skin.

"I always tell you that men are manipulative, unfaithful creatures that don't think of anything but sex. But you never listen! I'll make you listen." she spits. She pushes me to the floor and I land with a heavy thump. She kicks me multiple times on my ribs before moving away.

The sound of cupboard drawers slamming make my head snap up, already knowing what was coming. And I'm not gonna like it one bit.

"You won't be able to hire fuck buddies without a voice." She cackles, a sickening sound to my ears.

She pulls out a tall glass, then prepared her ingredients. Vinegar and lemon extract. She finishes making the acidic drink and shoves it in my hand. I was used to this, but it did leave me mute for a couple of days depends on how much I drank. With this tall glass of acid damage, I think I wouldn't be talking properly for at least a week.

"Drink it." she grins evilly at me, grabbing a bag of rice. "All of it."

Taking a big inhale, I uncomfortably drank the concoction. The liquid burned my throat as I drank it. It burned my esophagus making me choke. After a series of choking and nearly puking, I finish the whole glass.

My stepmother takes the glass out of my weak grasp, and startlingly smashed it on the floor, leaving a mess of broken glass.

She drops handfuls of rice where the glass is. She turns to me with a cruel look on her face.

"Let's practice your kneeling so it would be a piece of cake when you do it in front of a man."

I involuntarily oblige, walking towards the pile of glass shards and rice. I kneel slowly, letting out a silent cry as my knees hit the pile. The broken glass tore my skin and the rice dented it. It'll definitely leave a mark. Add that to my collection.

"Stay here until I get back. Do not move or you'll get a worse punishment." she narrows her eyes and turns to leave.

I feel the tears gather around my eyes once again, and this time I let them fall. I silently scream as if I even could with my scarred throat. The broken glass and white rice continue  marring my skin as the day turns into night. Despite my powers, I could never go against my stepmother's wishes. She caught me once using my powers to get out of a punishment and, oh, imagine the beating I got. Never again.

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