Chapter 66

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I wake up to find myself staring at the ceiling. I turn over to see Matt laid next to me in my bed. What happened last night? I groan out loud. Why does my head hurt so much?

Matt turns over to face me.

"Hey beautiful" He says in his husky morning voice.

"Hi" I groan.

"Not feeling too good huh?"

"You could say that"

"Well why don't you get up, take a shower, put some clothes on and meet me downstairs?" He says getting up "I'd recommend brushing your teeth too. I mean, I love you but I don't love that" He smiles before leaving the room.

I do as he says and pull the covers off of myself to find that I am wearing nothing but my panties from last night. Oh god. What did I do?


After showering and brushing my teeth- twice- I find some clothes to put on. One of Hayes' huge white sweatshirts and my grey and white Christmas leggings. I brush my wet hair and quickly blow dry it. Needless to say it is wet because I may or may not have found some vomit in there. Not sure if it's mine though.

I make my way downstairs to be greeted by the smell of cooking bacon. I groan once again and make my way into the kitchen.

"Hello princess" Matt says scooping the bacon onto a plate along with toast, eggs and sausages.

I slump down at the table where Hayes and Johnson are sat. I sit with my elbows on the table and my head in my hands.

Matt puts the plate down on the table in front of me along with a large glass of water.

"Matt I appreciate it but I can't eat that"

"You have to"

"I'll throw up"

"What like you did last night?"

"You saw me throw up?"

"Better yet, I was lucky enough to have the honour of holding your hair back. I'll admit that I didn't do a very good job of that.. You have a lot of hair"

"I figured that when I found some in my hair this morning"

"But for real. Eat it and drink that whole glass. I'm not letting you get up until you do"

"I hate you" I tease

"Not what you were saying last night" Hayes winks

"What happened?"

"You want the truth?" Matt says guiltily.

"We didn't.. No. Matt. We can't have" I say panicking. I could not have had my first time with Matt and not remember it.

"No! We didn't" Matt says sitting down next to me "You were drunk as fuck last night and I- being the amazing boyfriend I am- brought you home safely and tucked you up in bed"

"So why did I wake up with no clothes on? Next to you with no clothes on"

"Ah well, I couldn't leave you on your own incase you choked on your own vomit now could I? And you have a queen sized bed so I thought I'd just sleep in there rather than the floor"

"The clothes?"

"You woke up in the middle of the night complaining you were hot and took all your clothes off"

"And you didn't stop me? You just watched?"

"I was too tired. Plus you said I couldn't touch but you didn't say I couldn't look"

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