The life of iamdjjohnson

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My name is iamdjjohnson (David Johnson Jr.) is a full time Athlete and Entrepreneur of investing into himself to further his income. He was born in San Antonio, Texas and lived with his mother and two brothers up until he moved out to continue his athletic career. He attended three different collegiate schools (St. Phillip's College 2016-2017 located in San Antonio, Texas) (Victoria College 2017-2018 located in Victoria, Texas) (Mount Mercy University 2018-2020 located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa) where he earned college credit while still being able to participate in the basketball program in every school he attended. iamdjjohnson was on full rides in every college he attended which made him eligible to earn his degree while still being able to play on the court.

He is a hard-working devoted Athlete when it comes to having to put in work. iamdjjohnson puts in over time in the gym as much as possible to reflect his athletic ability on the court every time he steps on. He shows out on the court and makes an impression on individuals when he comes to play. He knows how to bring game and is not afraid of a little competition. iamdjjohnson is still going to continue his education at a new aspiring university that will soon pick him up to finish off his last year as a senior (2020-2021). He is currently a junior in college at Mount Mercy University but will soon be a senior, in earning his Bachelor of Business Administration in Sports Management Degree at a new university. iamdjjohnson plans to enter his name into the NBA draft after he graduates from college and also go pro basketball to play overseas in numerous countries.

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