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                So let’s get a couple things straight. Trevor has always been in love with me. I hate Trevor. For some reason ever sense the 4th grade he has been in love with me. Sigh, he just can’t get over my beauty! (Sarcasm. Well . . . maybe)

             The rest of the day flew by until lunch. I sat by Sun and a couple other friends like Jason, Mandy, and Kirk. Jason and Mandy were so cute. They were like the cute couples that wouldn’t want to be separated if their lives depended on it.  Kirk was in love with Sun but Sun didn’t ever notice even though she was in love with him. I always want to yell at Kirk because he hasn’t asked her out yet. Sadly, Sun made me promise that I wouldn’t medal with their relationship. Then you have me. I have a boyfriend who doesn’t even think about sitting by me. Wait, we aren’t actually dating. Why am I freaking out by this?

                “Hey Babe,” I heard someone whisper behind me. I felt breath on my neck. I looked up to see the god like Derek smiling at me. I smiled back. We had to put on a good show. “Can I sit with you guys?” He whispered.

                “Of course. Is that alright guys?” I stared each one of them down and they didn’t seem to have a problem with it.

                He sat down right next to me. And we started eating and talking about the most random things ever. Many people were staring. And what surprised me even more was that I even saw jealousy in some guys. Most girls were disgusted and jealous! I LOVE BEING ME!

                “Hey, I’m having a party Friday night! You all are invited,” Derek stated. A party! That is just what I needed

                “Sounds like fun! What time and place?” Kirk asked.

                “My house at eight,” He said. Then he looked at me, “You’ll be there right?” He asked.

                I nodded, “I’ll be there!”

                Then the bell rang and we all went our separate ways. Today was just a typical Thursday afternoon. I went to my classes, was stared at the whole time, and got hit by dodge balls. What a great day.

**Friday Morning**

                I woke up and got dressed for school. I out on a long enough shirt to sort of cover my butt, leggings, and boots. Good enough I thought to myself. Today was the day of Derek’s party so I couldn’t wait until school was over. I walked downstairs to see my mom and Derek talking. Okay . . . this is strange. “Hey guys. What’s going on?” I asked.

                “I was just waiting for you so I can drive you to school,” Derek answered.

                His words stunned me. He was probably the best fake boyfriend in the world! “Okay thanks! Bye Mom,” I muttered to her. I got in Derek's fancy Mustang and he sped down the road. “So, how have you been?” I asked him. I am pathetic at small talk.

                “Good. You haven’t told a soul about . . . you know . . . have you?” He asked.

                You know meaning that he is gay? “No. What are we going to do about the party? People will expect us to be totally drunk and making out,” I muttered. It was true though.

                He sighed, “I hadn’t really thought about it. You don’t want to make out with me?” He asked.