Chapter Two:Young & Reckless

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I got outta the shower pulling on the outfit below 

I got outta the shower pulling on the outfit below 

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I did my hair and make up and walked downstairs. 

Mom:Goodmorning sweetie


Dad:Can you pick up your little brother after school?

Me:Nope I have work


Me:No thanks

I said walking outside, I got in my car and drove to school. I pulled up to slim's house and honked the door opened and all the boys came out and got in. I drove off and drove to school. I parked and the boys got out besides colson. I unbuckled and he stopped me before I got out. He gave me a tiny box wrapped it newspaper. 

Colson:*smiles* Happy 17th

Me:*smiles* Colson you didn't have to-

Colson:I wanted to *smiles*

I opened it and it was a necklace, it was a gold heart necklace. 

Colson:its not much bu-

Me:*smiles* it's perfect

We got out and he put it on me I hugged him. 

Me:Thank you

John:Oh look who it is

I rolled my eyes. 

John:Tell me why do you go here if you have rich parents?

He stood infront of me. 

John:Your skin may be black but your as white as they come

I hate him I hate him with a passion. I clenched my fists and dropped my bag punching him in the face and he hit the ground. Students around watched, I looked down at him. 

Me:Atleast I dont hide it

He glared at me.

Me:Scared now aren't you *smiles* cause if I told your secret.....someone would kill you

 I picked up my bag and stepped over him and we walked inside. The reason I dont go upstate is because its all white people I went there for a week when I was little and the bullying was to much so I left. 

~After First Period~

I gathered my things and walked out of class and into the hall to my locker I opened it and someone slammed it closed it was John. 

Me:What do you want

He was quiet and I tried to open my locker again but he closed it. Then he hit me and students gathered around. 

~Colson's POV~

Me:*laughs* For f**kin real

Slim:yo whats going on

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