1. School life

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"Oh hey! Aren't you that guy who fell out of a tree?"
"That's what I said!"
Even at college, Y/n couldn't escape the embarrassing story.

The day had started off okay; he had even woken up before his alarm went off. Things were quick to change though. Spilling milk on the floor was one thing. Then there was the short bike ride to his college. The scenic route would have been a nice journey had he not fallen off his bike into a bush.

Things got slightly worse before getting better. He bumped into some student after walking through the campus gates, said student spilling cold coffee all over his white shirt.
"I'm so sorry man!"
The boy apologised profusely as Y/n sighed.
"It's fine, probably not the worst thing that'll happen today."
Someone came up behind the coffee spilling boy and draped an arm over his shoulder.
"Hey Jae, who is your vague and foreboding friend?"
Now identified as Jae, the apologetic boy looked at Y/n, hoping he'd say his name (since he was also curious as to who the boy was).
"I'm Y/n."
The boy behind Jae smiled.
"I'm Young K-"
Jae cut his friend off, Y/n staring on in confusion and slight amusement.
"Young K."
"I swear to god Jae I will throw hands!"
A small chuckle left Y/n's lips.
"Anyway, as I was saying. I am Young K so please don't call me Brian like Jae here was saying. It's nice to meet you though."

After a short conversation between Y/n, Jae and Young K, Y/n gave his new friends his number. Since Jae felt bad for spilling his coffee on the first year student, he offered to buy him lunch one day to make up for it.

His first class went by quickly. The class was supposed to be about world music (the differences between music all over the world and how culture changes each countries musical discography) but since it was the first lesson, it was mostly just introductions and brief summary of the work for the semester.

A student,who looked familiar, arrived late with some leaves in his hair (it wasn't difficult to see that the boy had most likely fallen into a bush as well) and sat down next to Y/n. After the teacher introduced himself, everyone was told about the rules of the class.
"There's going to be a seating plan so I can remember where everyone sits. Where you're sat now is where you'll be sat for the rest of the semester."

The students were given some time to get to know each other since they'd be sat next to each other and working together for most of the semester. The boy with leaves in his hair looked at Y/n.
"Aren't you the kid that fell out of a tree in high school?"
Y/n sighed deeply.
"Everywhere I go that story follows me."
The boy giggled before introducing himself.
"I'm Jeongin. You're name is Y/n right?"
"Wait a second! Aren't you the kid that accidentally let the class snake out?"
Jeongin gasped.
"Yeah, that's me! Mr Kim was so mad about that but I didn't mean to let Noodle out."
The two laughed as they remembered the strange high school story.

"So I'm guessing someone spilt coffee on you?"
Jeongin gestured to Y/n's shirt.
"Yeah... I bumped into this guy called Jae at the gates. He was really apologetic about it and he's gonna but me lunch so it's not too bad."
A gasp was heard from Jeongin.
"Oh I know who Jae is! My friend Seungmin is a fan of his band."
Jeongin paused, before speaking again.
"Do you want to come hang out with me and my friends at lunch? They're all really nice and I bet you'd get along with them!"

Although the morning had started roughly, things were getting better. Y/n didn't expect to make friends but there he was, walking with Jeongin to meet his friends.

Y/n was led over to a group of four people, Jeongin waving at them as they walked over. The group were sat by a tree, talking about something Y/n couldn't hear.
"Ah, who's this?"
A boy with a deep voice asked.
"This is-"
"Oh hey! Aren't you that guy that fell out of a tree?"
"That's what I said!"
Y/n sighed.
"This is Y/n and yes he is the tree boy, Jisung."
Jeongin began to introduce everyone.
"Y/n, this is Jisung, he's probably the most responsible person here right now."
Jisung and Y/n smiled at each other. The boy with the deep voice was introduced next.
"This here is Felix. He's from Australia."
"Saving the best two people for last."
One of the two unnamed boys said, Jeongin rolling his eyes at the statement.
"That's Hyunjin, he looks kind of intimidating but he's actually a coward!"
"Hey! I'm not a coward, I prefer the term-tactically scared."
Y/n snorted at the two.
"Oh, this one here is Seungmin. Tell him about what happened with Jae."
The last boy, Seungmin, became alert at the mention of one of his favourite musicians.
"Jae? As in Jae from Day6? Jae from the best band to exist? That Jae?"

"I wish Jae spilt his coffee on me."
Everyone looked at Seungmin.
"Seungie, why would you,"
Hyunjin paused.
"Why would you want someone to spill coffee on you?"
"If Jae is offering Y/n lunch, imagine what he'd be offering to a fan. Maybe I'd get backstage access for one of their shows!"

Y/n had stopped listening to the conversation, focusing on Felix instead. The confusion was visible on the boys face as he tapped Jeongin on the shoulder.
"Why is Felix dabbing at that guy?"
Jeongin looked over at a group of four guys that included the guy Felix was dabbing at, noticing who it was and rolled his eyes.
"That's Bambam, they do this sometimes."
Y/n's attention quickly shifted from the distant dabbing male, his focus changing to one of the guys near him.
"Do you know who that is?"
A smirk made its way onto Jeongin's face.
"That's Chan, he's Felix's older brother. He's single too."
Y/n rolled his eyes at Jeongin, watching the boy wiggle his eyebrows suggestively.

Moments later, three of the boys walked over to the group. Felix and Jisung stood up, both of them noticing the approaching boys. The two of them grabbed the two unnamed boys, both of them hugging them tightly. Jeongin noticed Y/n staring at the unnamed duo.
"The one Felix is hugging is Changbin, he looks kind of scary but he's actually really nice. They've been dating for about a year now."
Y/n nodded.
"And the one Jisung is hugging is Minho. If they call me their son, don't worry. Jisung decided to 'adopt' me and Minho goes along with it so I'm their son."

"Who's this?"
While the two couples were still hugging, the one Jeongin had named as Chan had sat down by the boys.
"This is Y/n. Y/n, this is Chan."

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