YOU GUYS I'M LOSING IT!!! I JUST DON'T KNOW!!! At first i loved the book so much and I never expected this to happen!! You guys have brought me so far but now its just kind of hard... School is killing me and i think i might need an editor or somebody to help with ideas!! And guys remember DON'T BE A GHOST READER!! So if you you want to help with the book just follow these steps

1. Name (first or nick-name)

2. Age

3. Why you like the book and want to help


4. Write a small idea for the next chapter

That's all you have to do!! And Please comment you guys and ill probably choose Wednesday!! If I cant find an editor i might put it on hold and redo the WHOLE last chapter!! I really didn't like it so I might edited tonight to were instead they make up but that means you'll have to reread afew chapters and that will be Chapter: VOCEMAIL!! REMEMBER NO GHOST READER!! EXPRESS YOUR FEELINGS!!

I think ima make a little lovey dovey scene soon so dont leave meh now!! LUUUVV YOU GUYS!!BAAIII!!!!!

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