Chapter Three; My Neighbor

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He showed me the way to the gym and stuck with me the whole time. It wasn’t bad having someone to talk to. I met some of his friends at lunch. Turns out, they are a lot like him. In the three classes that I didn’t have with Emery, I had with Tambry Mason, the girl from English.  She was much sweeter then she seemed.

Emery and I parted ways so I could reach the buses and he could head back to his locker. I took my seat alone, sliding in next to the window and pulled out my IPhone. I plugged in my headphones and stuck one in my ear. I scrolled through a few songs until I found Mess by Get Scared. I smiled and clicked it. I turned it up a few notches. I rolled my eyes at the noisy people. I jumped as something touched my shoulder.

I spun around to see Emery with his tongue out. His starlight eyes twinkled. I caught my breath and gave him a smile. “We ride the same bus?”

He shrugged and smiled as he plopped down beside me. The bus roared to life.

“I guess so. Where do you live?” He asked. I opened my mouth than shut it. I rubbed my head.

“Um… To be honest, I don’t really know.” I said sheepishly. He chuckled.

“Course you don’t. What are you listening to?”

I shrugged and showed him. His face broke into a huge grin.

“I love Get Scared!” He exclaimed. I gave him a look. He nodded furiously and took a bud from my ear. He placed it in his own and bobbed his head. I chuckled at how goofy he was. I rubbed his hair.

“How far away do you live?”

He shrugged and swayed slightly to the music. “Not far. My subdivision isn’t far from the school.”

I shoved him slightly. “How come you weren’t on the bus this morning?”

He took two fingers and pressed the tips to my forehead gently. “My mom dropped me off on her way to work.” He smiled. I made a small “O” with my mouth. He traced over my lips with his index fingers. He pursed his lips.

“You need chap stick or something.” He winked. I rolled my eyes and shoved him softly. The bus screeched to a stop. I looked around realizing this was the long drive that led down to the two long dirt roads. I stood up and Emery did to. We both walked to the front of the bus and hopped off. I gave him a look as the bus pulled away.

“You live down here to?” I asked slightly puzzled. He nodded before his eyes widened in conclusion.

“You bought that house down from me! That big, beautiful house! Yay!” He squealed. His backpack wobbled a bit on his back as he jumped. We started down the road, shoulder to shoulder. He shifted his backpack uncomfortably and fidgeted with it. I chuckled and grabbed it off his back. He narrowed his eyes.

“I’m not a damsel you know.” He muttered. I smiled and swung it over my shoulder.

“I know. You just looked uncomfortable like that.”

He smiled and his cool grey eyes poured into mine.

 I don’t think I’ll ever get used to those eyes. I thought as I fell deeply into the deadly silver orbs. As I stared further I could see nothing but his beautiful inner spirit flare up in fiery passion. Eyes are truly the windows to the soul.

He grabbed my phone from my hands. I didn’t even notice what was playing until he snapped me back to reality. I panicked and grabbed it back. He shot me a look but tried to take it back. I shook my head and held it closer to my chest.

“No, no, Emery, please!” I squealed as he grabbed it, pulling it away. I tried to grab it back but he had already pulled out the head phones letting In My Heart by Phil Collins from Tarzan blast through the tiny speakers. When I was younger, I had a strange obsession with Tarzan. I loved this song so much, not only because it was from that movie, but because of the lyrics.

 I sighed and avoided his eyes; waiting for the laughter I knew was going to come. Instead, he squealed like a girl.

“I love this song! So sweet!” He squeaked. I looked back at him as he started ahead of me, singing with the voice of an angel. He danced as he walked, singing over his shoulder. He turned around making awkward hand gestures to me, serenading me. I flushed but started walking again.

I stared after him, his small figure bouncing up and down singing at the top of his lungs. I felt a strange pounding in my chest but I ignored it and kept after him. We stopped at the first long drive and Emery turned around towards me. He held the phone towards me and tried to take his backpack back.

I took the phone and handed him his small backpack. He smiled and held out a hand. I raised an eyebrow but took it.

“It was nice meeting you, Beck.”

I smiled. I can’t believe it. I made a friend on the first day! Not just a friend, but the coolest of all of them! I swallowed my excitement.

“It was nice meeting you too… Emery.”

He smiled and turned to walk down his drive. I stared after him. He was swaying and singing softly, his black hair bouncing up and down. He stopped dead in his tracks and I panicked. I turned and walked quickly to my drive. I could hear him running at me but I ignored it.

“Beck! Beck, wait!” He called. I stopped and turned around. I gave him a puzzled, embarrassed look.

“Yeah?” I said flustered.

“Do you want to come over? Right now? I just remembered my cousins are coming over today and I don’t want to be alone! Please?” He called after me. I flushed further but shrugged.

“I don’t know. I’d have to ask my mom.” I yelled back. He waved me to him.

“Call her from my house!” He shouted. I smiled and laughed as I walked back to him. He whooped and set his backpack down. He did a back flip in the air then landed with his arms wide and a grin. I chuckled and walked a little faster. I fluffed his hair and followed him to his house, grabbing his backpack along the way. I caught up to him and we stood in front of his large house. It looked a lot like mine, except it was two stories. He jogged to the garage window and looked inside. He looked back with his tongue out.

“My mom’s not home. She must be picking up my little brother. She should be here soon- never mind.” He said now pointing behind me. I moved to the side to see a red Camaro driving up towards the house. As the car passed I saw a woman in the front seat who gave me a smile and a boy in the back seat. I flushed and stared forward. I walked up to Emery as the car pulled into the garage. He took his backpack from me and rolled up black sleeves. He led me to the front door and held the door for me.

He smiled at me and waved me towards the stairs.



I know, this is a really short chapter but I couldn't let it get into things to soon... I had to cut my chaper in half. -_-

I have the next part ready though! :)

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