Fade - Chapter 21

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"Move along, rat!"

Sebastian's voice is authoritative, his shove rough against Ciel's back.


The underground entryway passes by them is a flurry of torches hung on the wall, their shadows stretching along the walls to form eerie shapes and imaginary creatures. The night as red as blood disappears behind the two as the large stone slides back into place over the entrance, closing with a thud and a cloud of dust and decay.

"Keep it up, I'll get us somewhere to stay soon. Do what I say, and just don't break character... no matter what."

Sebastian whispers, his breath ghosting along Ciel's pale ear and neck. Ciel nods, his eyes cast downwards as Sebastian barks at him again.

"Walk faster!"

The lit hallway stretches on, until the two reach the dark ending. A large wooden door stands tall and black, it's dark stain haunting and unnerving. The doorknob is that of a golden shine, rubies and crystals adorning the edges to form what could only be perceived as a pentacle. Higher up and centered upon the door, there seems to be yet another little door, it's gold hinges small and sparkling in the firelight.

Sebastian opens this little entryway, revealing a small looking glass with a slit cut through underneath. Sebastian looks through the glass, his eyes set and dangerous. A clattering sound can be heard through the thick wood, then a booming voice.


The voice speaks in a language Ciel does not understand, yet Sebastian smirks at the hello, and does so reply in the foreign tongue.

"Salve, Taurus."

"Qui est illud?"


The voice behind the wood laughs a grant laugh before speaking again.

"Hospitium, amica! Quid sunt tibi?"

"Valemus. Il habere aliquis."

Sebastian chuckles darkly before saying,

"Itabeas corpus. From juven."

The voice on the other side is silent, if only for a moment, before speaking again.

"Hospitium, Corvus."

The door opens wide, and darkness floods in through the doorway. Ciel gasps, at the sure amusement of the other demons, as Sebastian leads him inside.


"Shhh, Ciel."

Their eyes meet for a reassuring moment s a tall dark figure turns to lead them through another dim hall. The figure seems to be the speaker of the deep voice, for he speaks again, his voice seeming as though it could melt mountains and burn cities.

"Qui est Ciel?"

Ciel recognizes his name, looking up and knowing that the large figure can hear all.

"Autem juven. Ciel est eius nomen."

Is Sebastian's reply.

The large demon is quieted as the dark hallway ends, giving way to a turn in the path, light flooding through the corner in waves of buttery candlelight. They are led around the corner, and a lighted hall with doors blanketing each wall is revealed, another tall, dark door at the end. Muffled screams of agony can be heard coming from the cracks under some of the darkened doors, while soft moans can also be heard leaking through the stone walls and dark wooden doors.

The large figure walking ahead is revealed to be humanoid in the light, his skin pale and shabby hair black. He wears not a shirt, but has inexplicable tattoos running up the length of his right arm to his back and shoulders. His black slacks move freely with him, his dark brown horns jutting raggedly from his skull. When he turns briefly to look back at them, his face is not frightening, but rather human... yet the look on his face is enough to tell anyone that he is not mortal.

Ciel moves closer to Sebastian, biting back a whimper of fear. His hands are still bound tightly, and Sebastian cannot reach out to comfort the child as they near the end of the hallway.

"Fortunatus es."

The demon speaks again,

"Hoc enim est novissimum."

"Gratias ago tibi."

The horned man pulls open a door at the end, revealing a small room with a fireplace and a single bed. The rock walls are adorned with many oil lamps, the bright light casting eerie shadows upon the virgin hearth. The small room is warm as they step inside, and the granite flooring does not seem to radiate winter as it would have in Ciel's own estate.

"Quina nunc vale."

Says the horned demon, and Sebastian's grip on Ciel tightens ever so slightly as he replies,

"Vale, Taurus."

The wooden door shuts as the bull walks away.


Translation notes:

Here is the translation of the entire conversation between Sebastian (Corvus) and Taurus-

Taurus: Hello.

Sebastian: Hello, Taurus.

Taurus: Who is it?

Sebastian: Corvus. (Meaning 'crow'... that was Sebastian's 'real' name as a demon, seeing as Ciel named him Sebastian.)

Taurus: *laughs* Welcome, friend! How are you?

Sebastian: We are fine. I have brought someone. *chuckles darkly* A body for trial. A juven.

Taurus: *pause* Welcome, Corvus.

Ciel: Seba-

Sebastian: Shhh, Ciel.

Taurus: Who is Ciel?

Sebastian: The juven. Ciel is his name.

Taurus: You are lucky. This is the last one. (Referring to room.)

Sebastian: Thank you.

Taurus: Goodbye for now.

Sebastian: Goodbye, Taurus.



Okay, so I never put author's notes, only because I feel it interrupts the flow of the story, but it's important you all know that a lot of the conversations will be held in latin for a while. I will put the translation notes in the end of the chapter, like I did here, but eventually I am just going to write all of the conversations in English, once both Ciel and Sebastian can speak latin. And if I ever do use a latin word, I'll make sure that the translation is obvious... latin is pretty self-explanatory anyways, seeing as English is primarily derived from it.

Thank you all so much for reading! I'll try to make it as least confusing as possible, and I'm planning on having a few chapter with just Ciel and Sebastian, so that a lot can be explained etc... I have the entire story planned out, so bear with me! I'm just trying to make it all come together. <3

Thanks again,


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