Chapter 65

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We walk in and a large man with no hair stamps our hands with the words 'Vouge undercover'. What does that even mean? I follow Mia down some stairs until we reach a large open plan room. Music blasts through the room and multicoloured lights shine on every inch of the room. It's quite busy already. Well busy for a (as I thought) 'run down' 'deserted' building. There's got to be at least 100 people in here and its only 9:27.

Mia drags us to the bar and we sit in some bar stools whilst Mia talks to the barman.

"Doug! Long time no see" She shouts over the music.

"Mia Wain! Is that you? Damn girl you got hot" He shouts back. What is going on?

"So what do you say? Can you hook me and my girls here up with some drinks?" She says. He nods and places 3 shot glasses in front of us. He fills it with a neon blue liquid and pushes the glasses towards us.

"What is it?" I ask

"It's my own special creation" Doug smirks.

"Drink it Sky!" Mia says downing her shot. Avery also downs hers.

"I don't know about this?"

"It's fine Sky. What could go wrong?" Avery laughs. I shrug and drink the contents.

"It's so loud in here. I thought it was out of business"

"No way! This is the place to be if you're under 21 and want some fun" Mia explains "The out of business look is the whole point. It's staying 'under the radar'"

"From what?"

"From the cops. I mean, they can't find out that this place sells alcohol to under 21 year old's can they?"

"They what? I thought this place was an innocent unders club?"

"Awh you're so naive" She smirks as Doug slams another glass down beside me.

"This will help you to relax" He smiles. I know I shouldn't but Mia was right before. I do need to let my hair down a bit.


5 neon shots later and a tall glass of something purple shared with Avery and I'm on the dance floor.

Before I know it I feel hands on my hips and someone's torso pressed into my back. I spin on my heels to see Matt.


"Hey baby" He smirks.

"What are you doing here?"

"I've come to check you're okay"

"I'm great baby" I slur. I grab his face and kiss him hard.

"I like it when you're like this" He smiles.

"I like you in this shirt" I say sliding my hands down his shirt.

"I like you in this dress" He says his hands sliding down my sides. He leans in closer to my ear "I'd prefer you out of it"

"Matthew, you're naughty"

"And you're hot"

"And you need a drink" I say dragging him to the bar. "Doug!" I shout/slur. "I want two of those pretty pink ones"

"Coming right up beautiful" He smirks. I spin to face Matt.

"See he said I'm beautiful"

"I never said you weren't baby" He smiles

"But Nash and Jack and Hayes and Jack and Taylor did" I blabber. "They all said Mia looked nicer than me"

"They're all deluded babe"

"Here you go" He says passing me the shots.

"Thank you" I say. I may be drunk but I still know my manners. "Whoops" I say as I trip on my heel, spilling my drink.

"Here, have another one" Doug says filling the half empty glass up again.

"How much do I owe you?" Matt says taking control.

"Oh nothing. Mia and I go way back. Any friend of hers is a friend of mine" He smiles.

"See I told you he wasn't weird" I slur, drinking my pink drink. "Wait no, that was someone else" I say. The room around me starts to spin and the lights begin to blind me. Before I know it I'm in Matt's arms.

"Be careful babe"

"You didn't drink your drink!" I say taking it from him "I'll have it instead"

"I'm going to get you home. It's 1:45am"

"NO! Don't be a party pooper"

"Skylar. You're drunk as a skunk" He smirks making me laugh.

"You're so funny. And handsome. God those cheekbones" I say grabbing his face. I kiss him again. "Let's go back to mine and have some fun"

"Yeah, that's a good idea. Wait right here" He takes out his phone.

"Hey Taylor" Is all I hear before I black out.

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