Chapter 8

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Mira POV

I was laying upside down on my bed watching high school music in my pjs when my phone buzzed. I looked down and saw it was from Rina.

'Im bored'

'Roses are red violets are blue do you wanna come over because I'm bored to.'

Not even two seconds after I hit send, I heard someone opening the front door and coming up the steps. I looked over at her as she walked into my room. She was also in her pajamas.

"It could have been a serial killer or even worse, Jacob. Why'd you just leave the the front door unlocked?" She asked.

"I was too lazy."

"Of course. Now what are we watching?" She laid down right next to me and saw what was on.

"Really, High School Musical isn't there anything else on?"

"I don't know I can't find the remote and this is what was on when I turned on my tv. Plus you can't deny it, you love these movies."

"Yaaa you're right"

"Of course I am" I said, smirking.

It was almost the end of the movie when we heard someone coming up the stairs. I knew it wasn't Cameron or my parents because Cam was too consumed in his video games to come up here and my parents were gone for the day. Rina and I were singing 'bop to the top' as loud as we could when we heard someone laughing at us.

"C that better not be you recording us again!!" Rina and I yelled simultaneously.

"You know it's creepy how alike you two are" said none other then Jay. We looked over and saw Jay and Jacob walking into my room. They looked around at my purpley walls and made faces at it. Then they saw what we were watching and started laughing again.

"Really, high school musical?" Jay said

"Grow up." Jacob said. But they both sat down and watched it with us anyway. The second one was on next so we watched that too. By the ending of two, the four of us had sung every song and Rina and I quoted most of the movie. How the boys knew all the lyrics, I don't know. Once it ended, I looked over at the boys.

"How'd you guys get in here anyway?" I asked.

"You're door was open." Jay answered.

"I told you!!" Rina yelled.

"Haha nah you're brother let us in." Jacob said.

"Stupid Cameron." I mumbled.

"Would you like to explain why you decided to come over?" Rina asked.

"We can't just come and visit my favorite new neighbors?" Jacob asked.

"No" Rina and I said at the same time again.

"Creppyyyy" Jay whispered. We both immediately looked over at him then glanced at each other then back at him.

"Thank you" we said in creepy voice.

"Ha well anyway we're going bowling tonight." Jacob interrupted.

"Have fun" I said.

"No I mean all four of us"

"Umm no" Rina said.

"It's either that or you let us have a pool party at your house." Jacob said.

"Bowling it is." She said.

"Aww" both boys looked disappointed.

"What you were hoping that'd we'd let you have a party?" I asked them

"Yeah kinda" Jay said.

"Well to bad come pick us up at 6 and you can buy us some pizza before." Rina said as I shoved them out the door.

"Um how bout no" Jacob said

"Um how bout yes" we said as we slammed the door in the boys faces. I looked over at the clock and saw that it was only 4. Knowing us we'd wait till 5:45 to get ready so I turned to Rina and asked her what she wanted to do.

"YouTube?" She asked.

"Sure." We sat there and watched some YouTube and edited the videos we took from the pranks. Rina and I had a small YouTube account where we just kinda post random videos of us being weird. Everyone thought we were acting on the videos but that was just how we really are. We only had a few people who watched the videos but we didn't care. Once we were done editing them, I posted it with the caption of 'welcome to the neighborhood ;) don't mess with us'. Then we just continued to watch random videos until we heard someone knock on the door. I looked over at the clock and saw that it was 6 o'clock exactly. We quickly threw on random cloths.

"Crap" Rina said. We ran downstairs to tell them to wait when we were attacked with nerf guns. I didnt even bother seeing who it was and punched the person in the face. I heard two 'owwws' and saw that Rina had punched Jay.

"No need to resort to violence." Jacob muttered and rubbed his cheek.

"There now you've had your revenge from our prank the other day" Rina said.

"Oh that was only part one" Jay said with an evil grin.

"Whatever lets just go" I said, pushing everyone out of my house and locking the door.

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