9th chapter

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Everything was ready for another movie afternoon, and today was Nora's turn. In fact, if she thought about it, it had been her turn to pick a movie for the last six months. It was just one of those things Viktor has been doing that she did not even notice, but they were wondrous. She could feel a rush of hormones kicking in again, which only amplified the fact that, in that moment, she loved him more than ever. Just because he has been watching her dumb movies for six months straight.

- What are we watching? – he asked as if he did not know she had another sappy, romantic comedy or drama ready.

- The Fault in Our Stars – she answered, with a lump in her throat.

- Please don't tell me you're crying already.

- I read what it is about. Amazing movie.

- Here you go, then, amazing popcorn as well. We can start – Viktor said, sat next to her, and put her feet on his lap. He played the movie and began gently massaging her feet. He has been aware of his love for her for a long time. He would do anything in the world for her. He knew that she loved him just as much, and that was giving him a sense of security he had never felt before. The feeling when someone like her wants you for themselves. And on top of that, she was carrying his child. Nothing else had ever been as meaningful as that.

- Nora? The couch is wet. Did you need to go to the toilet?

- You consider me an idiot? Probably something spilled – she stood up and tried to figure out what happened. Suddenly she realized her leggings were wet too.

- Oh, my God, Viktor, I peed myself. I've had enough of this pregnancy, it turned me into a total fool.

She felt fluid going down her leg. She turned to go to the bathroom, but she did not get far. She felt something like a spasm in her stomach, only stronger than ever before. A few moments later, it happened again. She grabbed her stomach, and Viktor was already on his feet.

- Oh, it seems like your water broke.

It took their brains less than a second to realize what was happening, but it seemed like forever. Nora instinctively began taking deep breaths as if her body was preparing her for what was about to happen, and Viktor started running around the apartment.

- Please, Viktor, take care of that water on the floor.

- I seriously don't think that's so important right now. Let's go. I have everything. Just take it easy – he took Nora's arm, holding her belly with his free hand.

Nora turned to him and gently kissed him on the mouth. She was trying to calm him down by showing him that she was okay and that everything would be okay.

- The doctor explained this part to us. We have a lot of time, so I'm going to take a quick shower and dress, and you pick up that water on the floor. We will go one step at a time – she said as if she was trying to calm both him and herself down. It took her about 15 minutes to shower and dress for the hospital. She was nervous, but from all the reading and research she had done, on top of continually harassing her doctor with questions, she was aware that this would take hours. They grabbed all the things that were ready to go and headed toward the car. Viktor helped her get in the passenger seat, tossed the bag in the back seat, and got behind the wheel. He was focused on the road like never before. Now it was Nora's turn to panic.

- Viktor?

- We are almost there.

- I really don't want to do this anymore. I'm scared. Please, let's go home.

- Honey, I don't think it works like that. Everything will be fine.

- You don't know that and don't say stupid things when you don't know. Okay?

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