The Truth of Our Pain

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Have you ever heard of people in the past who have to deal with sickness that we think aren't huge deals? Like the flu all we have to do is get medicine, but how did they deal with it? We deal with the pain because we are used to it as a human race. We have pain every where, but some tolerate it differently and some not at all.

I'm sick with a strep throat AND an ear infections right know. My brother had strep a week ago and we all thought that the way he reacted to it that he was gonna die. He'd moan and sleep all day. He wasn't used to the pain in his throat. I'm here with a strep throat and an ear infection I manage to deal with the pain, but what is it that gives me this ability?

Have you ever seen a little kid overreact to something small? Like if the stub there toe they cry to no end, but if we stub our toes we just deal with the pain and move on. Know a days as we get older we deal with pain more and more because we've had worse done. So we stage through all of it because we know it's temporary. So if kids cry about things like stubbing there toes; what do older people cry about?

Stop and think, when was the last time your parents cried? I almost bet you that it wasn't over physical pain that it was probably mental. Crying over a lost boyfriend, hard times, or so mad that your at the point of tears. These things are not the things we cry about. If you tell a young kid that we don't have a lot of money they won't take it as much as we do. Why is this?

Kids these days don't understand the severity of our problems. We've spoiled the young in our society so much that they become one sided. Know think about think about the less fortunate kids. They cry a lot right? Wrong! They've learned to struggle through the hardships. They've grown up to fast. These poor kids. We must not spoil our society or our feelings will rot with it!

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