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Y/n let out a groan. Blinking a couple times while trying to adjust to the bright lights hitting her directly in the face. Soreness growing in her chest as she struggled to sit up on the small bed. Looking down to see that someone had changed her out of her blue uniform. Now wearing a black tank top and shorts. A beige bandage wrapped around her chest underneath her thin shirt. Small bandaids on different parts of her arms from were she was cut by the glass.

*cough* perverts *cough*

She shook those thoughts out of her head as she removed the plain blankets off her bruised body. Her hair hanging loosely on her shoulders. Placing her bare feet onto the cold, tile floor.

Groaning once again as she stood up, straightening out her back before glancing around. It was definitely a hospital styled room, but not one that belonged in a hospital.

She walked around the twin sized bed and pushed open the huge metal door that had a small glass window.

Noticing a pair of stairs at the end of the long and narrow hallway. A shiver running down her spine as the cool air nipped at her exposed skin. Goosebumps running up an along her bare arms. Yawning before rubbing her right eye. Keeping her left open as she moved forward.

Passing by more rooms, like the one she just walked out of, but these are all empty.

What is this place? Why's it so big? How did I even end up here?

Many questions ran through her mind as she neared the short stair case. Hearing faint voices as she went up.

How am I not dead??

She questioned reality before pushing open the door. It looked like a normal house. Well, a very fancy and rather large house.

"Excuse me." A voice spoke up on her right. Y/n jumped in surprise as she placed a hand on her rapidly beating heart.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to startle you." He flashed her a soft, heart shaped smile with bright and caring eyes.

But she eyed him warily, wondering why he seemed so familiar.

And then it dawned on her.

That's Jung Hoseok.

Or the nickname he goes by, J-Hope.

The engineer of the weaponry in his gang. The gang being known as 'Bulletproof'.

He furrowed his eyebrows, obviously confused. Watching as she took one step back before sprinting down the hall. Him shouting at her, but it went in one ear an then out the other as he quickly chased after her.

She had absolutely no idea where she was going. The house only seemed like an endless maze. Running as fast as her wobbly legs could carry her. Ascending the huge stair case she managed to find and turning left down some random hall way.

Probably not the smartest choice at the moment, but that was the only choice she really had.

She glanced behind her to see Hoseok gaining on her. But when she turned around, it felt like she crashed into a wall.

A wall with muscles, she might add.

She tumbled to the floor with the wall like man underneath her. Him harshly banging his head against the dark, hard wood floor. Her ankle twisting in a way it shouldn't have.

She bit her lower lip, trying to distract herself from the throbbing pain in her ankle as she rolled off the inky haired male. Her lip starting to bleed.

Him rubbing the back of his head as he sat up. Glaring daggers at the back of her head.

Y/n placed her hand on the wall, struggling to stand up until an arm was gently wrapped around her waist, hoisting her up.

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