Chapter Forty

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"The Canada Act, otherwise known as the Constitution Act, includes the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. As you all know, the Charter protects an assortment of civil rights and obligations. Since the enactment of the Charter, the face of Canadian constitutional law has changed drastically," the monotonous professor continued.  

The words went through my ears like dust in the wind. I had my head buried deep in my laptop. I was considering buying stock in a company and was reading some of their most recent SEC filings. It was kind of like doing law research, so I allowed myself to continue. Besides, at least I showed up to class.  

"Hey," Dan whispered into my ear. "Don't look now, but there's a hot girl at three o'clock."  

I immediately looked to my right and saw a slender woman with soft eyes and full lips. She was stunning, which was enough to make most men tremble. She had a naturally dark complexion and was impeccably dressed, obviously someone who was into fashion and did everything in her power to convey the image of self-assurance.  

"Why don't you talk to her?" he said. 

Without hesitation, I leaned over towards her and said, "Hey, how's it going?" 

"Hey," she replied, without as much as a smile. 

"What's your name?" I whispered again.  


"I'm Trevor," I offered my name even though she didn't ask for it. I sensed a lot of reluctance from her, not even a forced friendliness. She seemed genuinely unfriendly - hot, but unfriendly. She will make a great lawyer, I thought. I decided to leave her alone. 


"Alright, after this hand, blinds go up to twenty-five/fifty," Steve said. 

"So, Trevor, what are you going to do once you graduate?"  

"I'm not sure yet, I was thinking about moving back to Vancouver to do my practicum." 

"Really, why don't you just stay here?" Dan asked. 

"I don't know, I guess I miss my home." 

"Bet - fifty." 

"Why don't you guys move to Vancouver? Steve, you're from Vancouver, don't you plan to go back?" 

"I don't know, I haven't been back in a while," Steve replied. 

"We should all take a trip out there this summer. Steve and I can show you guys around." 


"We'll all be graduating at the same time and none of us really have any commitments here," I said. 

"Except for the contacts, the comfort, the internships..." Dan replied. 

"Yeah, but you can get those things anywhere really. I mean, look how fast I met you guys." 

"Yeah, but we're your only friends." 

"That's not true, I met someone today. Her name is Jessica." 

"Ha, good luck with that!" Dan said. 

"Why? Who's Jessica?" Steve asked. 

"She's some really hot girl in our constitutional law class. Trevor tried to talk to her, but she completely ignored him." 

"That's not true, she didn't completely ignore me. Besides she was probably just really enjoying the lecture and I was distracting her." 

"Yeah, the lecture on constitutional law was riveting," he said sarcastically. 

"Anyways, the point is, that there's no need to stay in this city. Vancouver has a lot to offer. It's a bigger city and there are a lot more opportunities there." 

"I'm not totally against the idea. I could move there if everybody else does," Jeremy said. 

"What do you want to do with your life, Jeremy?" I asked. 

"I don't know; probably just get a job somewhere. Maybe start my own business."  

"What kind of business?" I asked. 

"I have a few ideas. I was thinking about buying a glass factory." 

"A glass factory?" I asked, just to make sure I heard him correctly. 

"Yeah, you know, windows, windshields, maybe even cookware." 

"Would you sell glass cups?" Steve asked in a mocking tone. 

"Sure, I'll sell those too." 

"Alright, so you have your glass company, then what?" I probed further. 

"First I would buy one, then another, then another. Eventually, I'll have a monopoly on the glass supply industry in a certain region." 

"Okay?" I said puzzled. 

"Here's the smart bit. Whenever business is slow, I'll go around town, or hire someone to go around town, and smash a bunch of windows. Then, I sit back and watch the money roll in." 

"This is your plan?" Dan asked, as if he was not quite sure whether to take him seriously or not.  

"Um, Jeremy..." I paused for a moment to find my words, "... don't you think that would be a little...transparent?"  

"What do you mean?"  

"Let's say you own all the glass companies in the city and suddenly the police receive a flood of reports stating that everyone's windows are smashed out. You're the first person they're going to come looking for."  

"No, I've already thought of that. That's why all the glass companies will be under different names." 

No one was convinced this was the next big investment opportunity. 

"And this isn't just limited to a glass company either. The same concept works with a tire factory, or a graffiti removal company. When business is slow..." He stopped when he realized none of us were on board with his scam/business proposal.  

"Whatever, you guys are just haters." 

"Look, Jeremy, those are some really creative ideas, but do you have any that aren't so... illegal? I'm a student of the law; I can't get behind an idea where you go around undermining the whole system." 

"Alright, what did you have in mind?" 

"I have a plan..." I said mysteriously, as I slowly looked each person at the table in the eyes. 

"Are you going to tell us what it is, or are you just going to eyeball us all night?" Steve said. 

"It's not quite ready, but I have been trying to work out a business plan for the past few months. This can't leave this room..."

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