When I exited the elevator, I walked down a long hallway and found unit 318. I knocked a few times. I had no idea what to expect, but anything was better than being homeless.  

"Hey, Trevor, come on in," a clean-cut man said. 

I entered and saw a woman with big hair sitting on a black leather sofa.  

"This is my sister Anne-Marie, she currently lives here," Chris said as he introduced me to the woman who was also into rap music. 

"Hi, nice to meet you," I said, as I gave her a subtle wave. "This is a really nice place you guys have." 

"Thanks. Yeah, we just painted it last month." 

"The colours really look good together," I said. One of the walls was a dark yellow, one was a shiny black, and the other was a dark red. There were a few Justin Bua prints hanging on the walls and some plants in the corner. 

"So, what do you do, Trevor?" 

"I'm the owner and operator of my own business. We do pressure washing, trash removal, small moves, yard work...pretty much anything really." That was not exactly true, but I wasn't about to worry him by saying I was unemployed and had no place to live; that might raise too many concerns about my character.  

"How about you? Where do you work?" 

"Have you heard of Andre's Seafood Restaurant?" 

"No, I haven't." 

"Well, I'm a server there." 

"Okay, cool." 

"So when do you need a place?" he asked. 

I wanted to say 'tonight!' but I exercised better judgment. I didn't want to seem desperate. "I gave my landlord one month notice so I need to be out by June 30th, but I would like to move out sooner just to get settled in." 

"Okay, well Anne-Marie is moving out on the 15th of July". 

"The 15th of July?" I repeated. That was in exactly one month. "That's too bad, that won't work for me unfortunately." 

The meeting wrapped up quickly, and no sooner than I arrived, I was taking another elevator ride. I stepped outside and exhaled a deep breath. I didn't want to go back to the apartment so I needed a place to sit to clear my head.  

I walked aimlessly down the streets of downtown Vancouver. The bright neon lights lit up the sky and made me feel like I wasn't alone through all of this. I walked by a movie theatre and decided to check out something that was playing, preferably a comedy.  

Going to the movies might not be considered the most practical thing to do at that moment, but I was out of options. I needed to be around people and do something normal, something that would cheer me up.  

As the movie was playing, I tried to relax, but it was no use. There was no way to shut my brain off. I was in a serious predicament. I desperately needed both money and an apartment. In short, I needed a miracle. I kept thinking about all the long hours that I slaved away in the hot sun and the freezing rain, all the money and time I had invested in the company, all for nothing.  

At around 11:00 p.m., my phone vibrated. My initial thought was that Mr. Channing was looking to apologize, or perhaps looking to kick me in the head. Either way, I didn't want to speak to him, and he was certainly not going to find me. I took out my phone and looked at the number. I didn't recognize it.  

"Hello?" I said as quietly as possible. 

"Trevor? It's Miguel, what's up brother?"  

"Hey, Miguel, how's it going?" 

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