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0.17 ; more than meets the eye

"Right!" shouts Cato, and everyone turns to face him almost immediately. It seems that he's elected himself leader of the group, and no seems to want to question him. They would be correct about that: I don't think anyone in their right mind would argue with Cato when he has a sword in his hand. 

"I guess we should sort this lot out, otherwise people might try and take our stuff in the night while we're on a hunt for tributes." He glances towards Maverick for a flicker of a second, and in that instant, I know that he doesn't completely trust Maverick, but needs him if our idea is to work properly. 

"We should make a pyramid of the supplies." says Marvel "But we'll need packs if we want to go hunting. I say we sort out the necessities and put adequate amounts in each pack, then divide the weapons. We put all the other stuff in the pyramid, then set up the mines round it." His idea is a good one, a very good one.

"That's good." I say "I'll go sort out the packs. Anyone gonna bother to help me?"

"Yeah, I'll help." says Marvel happily. We walk off towards the cornucopia to gather up the supplies.

"Thank God." exclaims Marvel as soon as we're out of earshot "I thought I'd have to put up with those two idiots till dark."

I can help laughing, assuming he means Glimmer and Zafira. "I agree! They're so annoying!" Especially Glimmer, although I wouldn't tell him that because of the reason why I don't like Glimmer. If he knows that I like Cato, then he could use that against me.

No, better not tell him that.

"So," he says "we better make a start on these packs, otherwise we won't get the pyramid done by the time we have to hunt. And we don't want to get stranded out in the dark and come back to find all our stuff gone." I nod vigorously in reply, and we both begin to collect all the packs and other supplies from around the cornucopia.

It takes us around four hours to sort everything out, and even then, we still only have half of a pyramid. We each receive a pack containing similar things, and we add food and water to them from the piles and the lake. I find a box of flash lights and give one to everyone so they can put them in their packs, and Marvel manages to spot five pairs of night-vision glasses wrapped up in a blanket roll. Unluckily, there are only five pairs, and seven of us, which means that two people are going to be left without.

"So what are we going to do? We can't all have them because there aren't enough!" says Glimmer exasperatedly. Oh well done Glimmer, you can count.

"I think Clove and Marvel should both get some because they found them in the first place." says Peeta. I'm pleasantly surprised by his reaction. I didn't think he'd say that we should have them. 

"I agree." says Cato, storming through the middle of the group forming around the pile. I hadn't even noticed him before. "I'll take a pair, but that leaves one, with Zafira, Glimmer and Peeta still left. Two of you aren't getting any glasses. But who?"

"I don't mind, you can leave me without them." says Peeta, stepping backwards from the circle. I think he might have done that for a reason, so as not to anger us careers. He isn't one of us, after all. 

"OK, so that means you two are left." I say, pointing towards Glimmer and Zafira, who turn to face each other in an almost cinematic slow. A dangerous glare hits both pairs of emerald green eyes at the same moment. As they both reach towards the ground to take the one remaining pair of glasses, I step in the middle of them and put my hands out to stop them. 

"We're not going to start a fight to the death over glasses, guys!" I shout "Calm down for God sakes!" The circle falls silent, except for the heavy breathing of the two girls either side of me, willing to battle it out for the glasses. I don't step down from my spot, despite Peeta's scared glances at me, or Marvel's glare.