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The drama and the pain.

I'm slightly insane.

I can't make up my mind,

The half and half kind.

I want to leave and avoid,

With me they have toyed.

I can't make myself go,

Or cause a big show,

I can't hurt the others,

My sisters and brothers.

But the hurt is too much,

Can't be cured with a touch.

The drama and fights,

The really long nights...

Of crying unstoppable tears,

I can't last the years...

I've been slapped to many times,

Made too many rhymes.

It aches in my heart,

Cuz with doing this part...

I'm hurting those I love,

I'm hoping high above,

I'm hurting those I care for,

It's killing me even more.

It makes me no better then them.

The others, I hid from when.

I'm not going just yet,

Not going at all I bet.

My love of the good ones,

Beats the pain by tons.

But still the drama and the pain,

I'm still slightly insane.

I still can't make up my mind,

The half and half kind...

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