The world we call home

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The world we call home

The world we call home,

Each one of us alone.

The destruction we made,

The pain we laid,

The hurt and the sorrow,

Wishing not to face tomorrow.

This is for the injured,

This is for the hurt,

This is for the suffering,

This is for the lesson not learnt,

This is for the violence,

This is for the pain,

This is for the scars that cover my brain.

Though I haven't experienced this,

I know exactly what I miss.

I appreciate what I have,

I enjoy it, very glad.

The things I have not seen,

The places I have not been,

The world is an evil place,

People fighting the same race,

Violence and death,

People taking their last breath,

Tears and pain,

Driving us insane,

No love, all hate,

We might be too late,

To set this world right,

Darkness to light.

Forgive one another,

Stop fighting the other,

Try healing this earth,

Banishing sorrow and hurt,

Build up the hope,

The long thick rope.

Forgiveness and trust,

No more battling lust.

No more brothers fighting brothers,

No more favourites, no more others,

We are equal we are strong,

Hand in hand forever long.

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