Green Lantern (Alan Scott)

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Alan Scott
Hundreds and hundreds of years ago, a mystical green meteor fell down to Earth after wandering the cosmos for millenia, pulsing with strange life. It fell in ancient China, after merging with the essence of an ancient Green Lantern named Yalan Gur. A mystic named Chang heard a voice inside the meteor prophesying that it would act three times, once to bring death, once to bring life, and once to bring power. Chang carved it into a lamp, but other men in his village feared him and the meteor and tried to murder him. The mob was about to succeed, but green flames blasted from the lamp and killed them. After many years, it was taken to America and given to Billings, an insane patient of Arkham Asylum. Billings was fond of metalworking, and he remade the Chinese style lamp into an ornate railroad lantern. Light burst from the lantern and he was sane, completing the first two prophecies. As it turned out, the power within the Lantern was actually the Starheart, the gathered magical forces of the Earth-1 universe, bound together by the Guardians Of The Universe upon their decision to rid the stars of magic to pave the way for science to prevail. It was hidden in the heart of a star before becoming a sentient being. After many more years, the lantern got on a train with young railroad engineer Alan Scott on it. Scott picked up the lantern and held it. Then, as the train was passing over a bridge, it was revealed that Dekker, a business rival, had placed explosives on said bridge. The train derailed, and everyone except Scott died. As he awoke in the wreckage, the lantern told him-carve a ring from the base of the metal and allow it to touch its light. When he did, the ring was filled with the power of the Starheart. He was told that the ring was powered by his will and belief. Alan Scott left, punished Dekker, and became Green Lantern.


Alan Scott was created by Bill Finger and Martin Nodell. Inspiration for this was cited to be an opera, The Ring of Nibelung, and the green lanterns of the trainsmen. The name "Alan Scott" was decided upon by flipping through the New York City phone book until Nodell found two names he liked. The character made his first appearance in All-American Comics #16 (July 1940) and in a matter of months helped found the Justice Society in All Star Comics #3 (December 1940). Two of his regular foes have become major foes such as Grundy and Vandal Savage.

His feature in All-American became popular enough to spin-off a solo title which the character had until 1949. The characters last Golden Age appearance was in 1951 with the rest of the Justice Society in All Star Comics #57 (Feb. 1951). The concept was reinvented by 1959 with a new Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, who had more of a sci-fi theme. Alan was soon brought back with the introduction of the multiverse concept in the DC Comics. Since then Alan has remained an important and recurring character within the DCU.

Currently in the New 52, he is one of the stars in the book, Earth 2. In this book he was reinvented as being gay and no longer having a WWII past to him.

Character Evolution

Golden Age: Earth Two

Green Lantern (Earth Two)
Scott was a founding member of the Justice Society Of America. Although, like Jay Garrick, he was old, the magics of the defeated foe of the JSA, Ian Karkull, kept him young and healthy even well into what should have been his older years. He fought evil in the JSA for many years. Scott had a sidekick named Doiby Dickles, and his base was in Gotham City. When not fighting crime, he worked for the Gotham Broadcasting Company, a company he eventually came to control. He actually became chairman of the JSA for a short time before giving the position to Hawkman. Suddenly, he and the rest of the JSA were transported to an another dimension, fighting Ragnarok for eternity as not to destroy the universe. However, the JSA came back after a few years.

Modern Age: New Earth

Green Lantern / Sentinel (New Earth)
Scott retired after a battle with Extant, where he was physically aged to where he would be without the ring. But then, for a time, Scott's body was merged with the Starheart, meaning he no longer required a ring and was, again, rejuvenated. He took the name Sentinel and helped found a new Justice Society Of America. But since, he was physically altered so he appeared older (he felt the apparent youth was alienating him from his older wife Molly), but still wore the ring solely by choice. Alan Scott continues fighting crime in the Justice Society as the Green Lantern. He returned to action in Gotham once, when an infamous "made of wood" copycat chain of murders occurred in Gotham City. He worked alongside Batman, and together, in the process of finding the killer, they fought the Irish mob. They found the killer, and it was revealed that he was the original killer's nobody grandson, inspired by the mark his grandfather left on Gotham .They took him down, but Scott felt responsible for both killers' psychotic actions, as in his heyday, he accidentally destroyed the original killer's shop, partially triggering his hatred of society.

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