Chapter Two

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Jennie wake up early in the morning to get to work. After taking a shower she choose a business suit and put it on. When she was ready to leave she go outside and go to make breakfast.

Before going downstairs Jennie look at the master bedroom door for a second before sighing. She knows Jisoo is still asleep and she will not want to have a breakfast with her.

She go downstairs to prepare breakfast for them before leaving the house. When she got into the kitchen she didn't believe what she just saw.

"Goodmorning" Jisoo said smiling at Jennie as she put the dish on the table. She go towards Jennie and hug her for a second before looking at her wife.

"I see, you're going to work. How about we eat breakfast first?" She pulled Jennie to table and let her sit down. Jennie was still in dazed as she doesn't expect this to happen. Jisoo just cook a breakfast for her and not just that she cooked Jennie's favorite dish also Jisoo is eating with her.

"Jennie?" Jisoo called when she saw Jennie was not moving or saying anything. Jennie shake her head and look at Jisoo.

"Uh yeah, Goodmorning"

"Lets eat? Your going to be late" Jennie nodded and started eating. No one can explain how uncomfortable Jennie is. She's not used to this kind of treatment after what happened.

"So.... What are you going to do later?"

"I actually don't know. My secretary will let me know my schedule today"

"Okay will you please send me your schedule?" Jisoo ask before eating the steak. Jennie stops and look at Jisoo

"I'm sorry, what?"

"Send me your schedule. Do it everyday"


"Can't I know your schedule and what are you doing in the company?"

"You can"

"Good" They continued eating and Jennie left the house after. Jisoo bid goodbye at Jennie before she left. Jennie arrived at the company and was greeted by her employee.

"Goodmorning Mrs. Kim"

"Goodmorning but please don't be formal. Don't act like I'm not your friend"

"Fine. Jennie! Finally your here!" Jennie laugh at her secretary and wait for the elevator to open.

"Anyway where have you been? You were gone in 2 months"

Jennie look at her secretary before looking around making sure no one will hear what will she say.

"Wendy don't you ever bring this up to anyone. If ever someone asked you just tell them that something happened in the resort abroad"

"Okay? What happened on the past 2 months?" The two entered the lift and luckily there's no one inside. Jennie look at her reflection on the metal floor and sighed.

"Something terrible happened. Can we please not talk about it?" Her friend, Wendy, just nodded and didn't ask any question. When the elevator opened Wendy bid her goodbye but before she can go Jennie ask her to send the schedule to her.

After some time Jennie arrive at her office floor. When she got there she immediately entered her office and sit down on her chair.


Jennie phone ring. She look at it to see that Wendy send her schedule. Jennie said thank you and forward the message to Jisoo.

To Chu:
Meeting with the board of directors at 9, Visiting the construction site of resort at 11, Meeting with the heads of resorts at 2.

From Chu:
Thank you! Goodluck! Don't stress yourself too much!

To Chu:
Thank you?

From Chu:
Welcome. Are you gonna be busy around 1?

To Chu:
I don't know. If there's a lot of paper works to check on, I'll be busy for sure

From Chu:
Are you going home late?

To Chu:
Like I said I don't know. Maybe, I guess?

From Chu:
Okay then see you!

It must be crazy but Jennie feel happy after a very long time. She feel like someone misses her. Someone is dying to see here. The little conversation make her smile and happy but then her happiness turned into sadness knowing that Jisoo doesn't love her.

She accepted the fact and she doesn't want to get her hopes high. It's not that easy but if that's going to make the one she loves happy then go. It's also impossible that the person who hates you the most for years will suddenly love you when you wake up the next day.

Jennie smiled bitterly and decided to do her work trying to get her mind off of Jisoo.


"We will cut down that tree so we can have a better view"

Jennie nodded. She visited the on going construction for her new resort. She decided to visit it to see what is happening. So she can also see if she have something to add.

"No don't cut it down. We can make a tree house and put some decorations inside"

"Okay Mrs. Kim"

"People actually look for something interesting also they will get curious of what is inside the tree house that will let people to go here to check it out"

"That's a good idea Mrs. Kim"

"I'll just set an appointment so we can talk about that"

"Of course. Anytime ma'am"

"I'll see you then Mr. Jackson"

"Yes ma'am" Jennie then left the construction site together with her guards and secretary. It's almost lunch time and her employees need to have break. So they go back to the company so she can let the workers have a lunch while she was going to do her work.

"Wendy. Set an meeting for Mr. Wang"

"Yes ma'am" Jennie said as soon as she step inside her building.

"Also take a break with them and tell the cafeteria it's on me that everything they order"

"Wow! Jennie what's gotten into you?" Wendy teases as she put her arms around Jennie. Jennie who leaned closer and whispered:

"Shut up and go" Wendy giggle at what Jennie said and hugged her.

"Don't be like that. I know you love me"

"Shut up Wen. Just go before I kick your ass" Wendy pulled out from the hug and look at her giving her friend a pout. Jennie just laugh it off and slap Wendy shoulder playfully.

Jennie started walking with Wendy who's following behind still teasing Jennie. The two was busy bickering that they didn't even realizes that someone was watching the two and fuming in anger.

"Hey baby"

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