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Wedding Planner's Golden Rule

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Wedding Planner's Golden Rule

Don't fall for the groom.

I had done it.

Years of training and three years of running my business down the drain.

Because I had done it.

I rolled over in bed and opened my eyes.

That moment was enough for a slow, but perfectly contented smile to come over me.

There was one person whose face was in my mind.

And that's because I had done it.

I had broken the cardinal rule of being a wedding planner.

I had fallen for the groom.


Aiden Carlisle.

The events of the previous night flooded my mind in flashes and I couldn't help, but smile and bite my lip in reminiscence of the excitement.

Aiden had kissed me longer than I ever remember being kissed.

I brought my covers over my head even though there was no one to see my beatific smile.

Getting out of bed, I brushed my teeth and shuffled out of my room to a delicious aroma filling my apartment. Slowly, I walked down the hallway and into the kitchen.

Aiden stood at the stove, with his back turned to me, expertly flipping pancakes that he had made. I didn't remember the last time I had used to stove other than to make instant ramen because I was so bad a cook, I would have burned the building down.

Not Aiden, though.

He poured batter like he could do it with his eyes closed, added blueberries with a flourish and flipped them like a professional chef, all while cutting fresh fruit.

I stood and watched him, mesmerized, wondering if Caroline knew that this amazing man was what she was missing out on.

As if he sensed my presence, Aiden turned his head to look over his shoulder and then smiled his gorgeous smile at me.

It made my heart race.

This man was doing too much to me too fast.

I wasn't sure if this would end well, but at that particular moment I didn't care, because all I wanted was for Aiden to wrap his strong arms around me and hold me the way he had done last night.

"Morning, sunshine," he said, in a low lilting tone, making shivers run down my back.

"Hey," I said softly, smiling back to him. I leaned against the doorway and tucked my loose hair behind my ear.

"Rosalie," Aiden said. Suddenly, there had been no better way that my name had been said.

I smiled at him, expectantly.

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