15: her birthday surprise

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Aaliyah has started showing her true colours and had made Mahir to remove Aayat from their Social Service Group after giving him a threat that if he doesn't than she will cause more harm. Helplessly, he had agreed to her in order to save Aayat from further getting hurt.


I closed the book that I was reading and kept it on the bedside table. I looked at the watch hanging on the centre of the wall and saw that the time was 11:55 at night. As the university was reopening tomorrow I had to sleep early so that I won't be late for it.

Yawning, I laid down on the bed and covered myself with duvet. The exam results had come and alhumdulilha we all have achieved very good results. My mind lingered the thoughts of my friends and than I remembered that tomorrow we also had the meeting of "Servers of Society" group.

As my mind kept lingering over the thoughts ,my eyes started becoming heavy with sleep. Before I knew I was sleeping peacefully but only until I heard the door of my room being opened with a thud making me sit up in shock. The lights of the room were switched on suddenly making me twitch my eyes.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY AAYAT!" Umair Bhai said squealing with a cheeky smile on his face. I saw Aiza Bhabhi push him back from the way as she came forward and engulfed me in a big hug.

"Happy birthday Aayat!" She said greeting me and my lips were already spread into an amused smile.

It was my birthday!

"Aayat, see your brother was the one who wished you first." Umair Bhai said proudly.

"Thank you Bhai" saying that I stood up from the position that I was sitting in amusement and gave him a hug. No doubt that he is an irritating being but at the same time he is the best brother one can have.

He hugged me back while Aiza bhabhi looked at us two with narrowed eyes. I than realized that she was still in her doctor's court.

"Wow! I was the one who came back running from my shift earlier just to wish Aayat but the one who is gonna take all the credit is this person." She said huffing making both of us giggle.

"Happy birthday princess!" I heard my parents saying and that's when I left Umair Bhai and went towards them. I saw my Ammi standing with cake in her hand. Tears brimmed in my eyes as I mumbled "thank you."

Ammi kissed my cheek and Abba engulfed me in a warm hug.

"May Allah bless you with all the happiness Aayat. You're our pride and we feel so fortunate to have you."
I heard him saying as he rocked me a little back and forth. I hid my face in his engulf as tears escaped my eyes.

"Aww.. Aayat is being a cry baby again." Umair Bhai said making me glare at him. Everyone chuckled at us.

Ammi kept the cake on the tea table I had near my room's window.

"Come Aayat! Let's cut the cake." Aiza Bhabhi said as she tugged my hand and took me to the table. I sat on my knees to be in level with the table.

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