(Edited) Chapter 4 Part I

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Chapter Four


I put the locker combination and try opening my locker. Nope, no chance; it doesn't even budge. I try to pull it, and then bang it a bit. But it makes no difference. Feeling frustrated, I decide to report to the office that my locker is stuck and won't open. But that will have to wait, I'm getting late for class right now.

Clearly annoyed, I try putting the combination once last time and voila-it opens! I sigh. I'd put in the wrong combination before, of course. But how is it even possible? My locker combination is something I never forget. This clearly shows how occupied my mind has been with other things. Things like why seeing Aiden kiss his girlfriend Hailey made me feel jealous with a capital 'J'.

Why am I jealous though? I shouldn't be jealous. I should be happy that he has finally gotten the girl he wanted. In fact, I am happy. I can't help but feel happy when I see how happy he looks. He looks absolutely adorable when his face lights up with that million dollar smile of his. It always appears on his face whenever he's excited. His eyes literally sparkle and he practically exudes happiness. It's just how he is. And seeing him like this makes my heart beat fast, and I can't help but smile right back at him.

I just don't know why I don't feel happy when I see her with him. Why am I jealous of her? It makes no sense.

Maybe it's because I'm scared that he'll forget about me, and get really busy with her. It happened once. It can happen again.

It happened during the summer this year. It hadn't been long since Aiden and I had become friends-only a couple of months before summer. I wasn't expecting much. But still we were friends, right? The least I'd expected was a call. Heck, if not a call then at least a text. But nothing came.

By the time summer came to an end, I'd long given up hope and accepted that our friendship, or whatever it was, was over. But then school started and he started talking to me like we'd never stopped. I didn't have the heart to ask him why he had been MIA for three months. I just...took him back; forgave him without him apologizing for what he did, or rather, didn't do.

Later on I came to know that he'd spent the whole summer with Hailey. They'd gone on numerous dates and gotten close. He'd been with her all the time while I'd spent my holidays being sad over the fact we weren't in touch. It hurt. I think I'm scared of having to go through that all over again.

I head to class after grabbing my books and enter it exactly when the bell rings. The teacher narrows her eyes at me. I quietly sit down at the only seat available in the class.

"Turn to page seventy five of your text books," the teacher instructs. I absentmindedly start flipping the pages as the teacher reads out from the book. A couple of minutes later, I realize that I've actually brought the wrong book to class.

"Crap!" I curse under my breath, realizing my mistake. Great, just great! If only my mind hadn't been occupied with Aiden, this wouldn't be happening right now.

I see a book slide across my desk a second later. I look up, surprised; only to see the boy who has been on my mind since morning.

Aiden shifts his desk closer to mine, so that our desks are situated alongside each other's. How surprising that I didn't notice I was sitting next to him of all people. He chuckles. "You're so forgetful Scar," he says. "But I'm glad to be of service to you. Whatever would you do without me?"

I resist the urge to glare at him. Whatever would I do without him? He's the reason I don't have my book with me. He's the reason I was late to class. He's the reason my locker won't open. He's the reason I wasn't able to sleep last night.

I press my eyes shut and take in a deep breath to calm myself. The sudden realization that he is sitting really close to me dawns upon me at the same time. Our bodies are almost touching. I can feel the heat radiate from his skin.

Our eyes meet and he passes me a reassuring smile. And that's when it happens. My heart flip-flops inside my chest. All the air rushes out of my lungs and I feel a little pain inside my stomach. But it's a good pain; a weird pain-butterflies.

I try to focus on what the teacher is teaching, but in vain. I'm only aware of one thing and that is Aiden sitting close to me-really close. I notice each and everything he does; how he shifts in his seat, how he absentmindedly shakes his legs and how he plays with the pen-everything. It sucks because I don't know why all of a sudden I'm finding all these things interesting.

The teacher finishes reading the paragraph and flips the page. Aiden and I reach to flip the page of the book lying in front of us at the same time, causing our fingers to brush against each other's. A small tingle travels through the tip of my fingers and its effect vanishes almost immediately, like it'd never existed. But it had. There's no mistaking it. I know I felt it. I glance towards Aiden to see if he noticed anything, but he looks absolutely clueless. I roll my eyes.

We both lean towards the book to get a better look and again I notice our proximity. It never bothered me before. Why is it bothering me now?! He doesn't look bothered at all. His eyes are glued onto the book like it's the most interesting thing ever, and mine? They are glued on him.

"I think we should sit together more often," Aiden speaks suddenly, breaking the silence. What is he saying-? I guess my face shows my confusion because he repeats what he said earlier. "I think we should sit together in all the classes we share. It'll be fun."

"Sure," I say, shrugging, like it's no big deal. As I sit there, trying to focus on the lesson, I wonder if it is really possible that I like Aiden. I've known him only for a couple of months. We're almost like best friends. I say 'almost' because best friends aren't supposed to flirt with each other-but we do. I know it's just harmless banter. He has a girlfriend after all.

He's changed so much. It's not exactly a bad change, but it's a change alright. I remember how he was during freshman year. He was shy around girls. He has changed in the looks department too. His hair used to be short and curly, now its a little wavy and longer. He has grown taller and leaner during the summer. (He says he has been exercising a lot) He is pretty popular now. Being the captain of the soccer team has played an important role in it.

I glance at Aiden who's sitting beside me and feel my heart give an unfamiliar flutter.

What is up with me?


(...continued in the next part)

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