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"Oh, (y/n), you look awfully smug today," your co-worker, Terushima noted as you passed him by, noticing your constant smirk.

It was just another day at your part time work as a waitress, where you were awaiting Terushima to finish preparing some coffee for you to bring to your customers, early in the morning. Being a broke college student with barely enough funds to sustain your life was the main cause for picking up the job, and having the café strategically located near university meant you could save up on transport costs too.

After nearly a full year of waiting on tables, you had grown tight with both your coworkers and your customers, but you were closest to Terushima – mostly since he was the closest in age to you.

With a cheeky grin, you leaned over the counter, "Of course Teru! I don't have to live in those awful dorms anymore!"

"Ah right, you got a place huh?" he asked, recalling you mentioning the news briefly before.

Truly, he was happy for you. After all, he was growing rather tired of your constant whining about just how bad the college dorms were. Something about the bathrooms reeking of alcohol, the kitchens covered in grease and the students being more immature than he was.

Your head nodded excitedly as he passed you a drink order, and you carefully grabbed onto the tray before moving along. Soon you arrived at a table with two customers, whom you had grown rather familiar with, as they almost always came over to have breakfast at your cafe.

"Here you are, you lovebirds," you passed with a grin.

"For the last time, (y/n), we are not dating!" Daichi replied. Suga shook his head too, grabbing his cup of tea.

You giggled, sarcastically remarking, "Sure thing, dad."

Daichi sighed deeply before hitting you with the hard truth. "Again, I am not your dad."

"How dare you? Suga's my mom and you two are practically married so–"

"I don't recall agreeing to be your mom," Suga narrowed his eyes.

You gasped dramatically, a hand over your heart for added theatrics. "How could you? You already treat me like your own daughter!"

"Just because I give you advice and keep you out of trouble doesn't mean I'm your mother," he reasoned.

You crossed your arms, "Fine. Hmm, I think I'm gonna finally let Teru take me out. His tongue piercing would work wonders on my–"


"You think so lowly of me, Suga-san!" Terushima yelled from the counter.

Giggling, you gave yourself a mental pat on the back. "Okay, mom."

"You really are a mom, Suga," Daichi commented.

"Then that makes you the dad!" Suga replied.

Daichi argued, "I don't have to be the dad."

"But we're dating, so it's only logical–"

It was a second too late when he realized he had slipped up, his eyes widening with Daichi.

You laughed hysterically, catching them red handed. "Does that mean you guys will finally adopt me?"

"NO!" they answered in unison.

You shook your head, sighing deeply. As much as you wanted to continue annoying them, you couldn't afford to lose them as your customers either. So, you just gave them a wink before heading back to the counter to collect your next order.

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