I will save you my love

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Ramses P.O.V

My days has been passing by without any excitement or any interest as all my thoughts were occupied with Nefertari and her impending execution. There was nothing much for me to do at the Mittani border than the morning greeting procedure as General Kailu was very efficiently handling war matters.

One evening when I retired to my tent, I took out the ring that was confiscated from Nefertari, the very ring that helped me to express my love for her and looked at it lovingly. All my fond memories with her kept gushing back to me , making me emotionally stranded. The moments of love and the betrayal kept repeating in my mind. I couldn't help but ponder as to why Nefertari didn't say much on the betrayal or didn't even try to reason about it. All she ever said was that the child was mine. I walked up and down my tent, replaying every word she said in my mind and tried to get a grasp of what was going on in her mind. She betrayed me but every time she looked at me when I taunted her, her eyes were filled with a deep sorrow not guilt of betrayal.

I heard a little commotion outside my tent but I ignored it as I heard General Kailu attending to it but in a little while General Kailu requested permission to see me. As he entered , I saw a line of worry getting formed on his face.

" Is everything alright at the border, General?"

" Your Majesty, General Mentus has arrived at our camps and he is seeking for an immediate audience as it is a matter of urgency."

" What are you waiting for let him in and General , don't let anyone come in."

" I'll take care of it , your Majesty."

After he left , I was wondering as to what has happened at Memphis that Mentus came here personally rather than sending a guard to relate the message. I was worried sick when Mentus came in and greeted me. When he raised his head , I saw that he was very worried.

" Is everything alright at Memphis? Was there an invasion of any kind? Why do you look so tired and worried?" A moment of silence passed by and Mentus was breathing heavily. " In the name of Ra, tell me what's wrong"

" My Lord , Please let me escort you back to Memphis immediately."

I looked at him confused. Then he said " Her highness, Nefertari went into labour right in front of me. She and the baby would be executed tomorrow. Please let's go and stop the execution."

I took a deep breath as I realized my biggest worry is happening but there was nothing that I could do. As much as I love her , I'm also the Pharaoh of the nation and I cannot bend the rules just for Nefertari. I turned away from Mentus as tears started to brim in my eyes but he came and stood in front of me and he had tears in his eyes too.

" Ramses, I want you to listen to me carefully. You need to stop the execution of Queen Nefertari as she was framed for a crime that she never committed. She fell into a perfect conspiracy that was laid out for her.

"..........What? What do you mean?"

" Your Majesty, Consort Ivy and her Uncle joined hands with our enemy , Crown prince Yali of Hattusa , to separate her highness from you. It is indeed true that her highness Nefertari was Lady Kasa of Hattusa and it is also true that there has been an exchange of letters but in all those letters ,her highness declared that she loves you and that she had moved on and has no place for Crown prince Yali in her life. In his failed attempts to get her highness to leave your Majesty and Egypt , he joined forces with Consort Ivy and her Uncle and hatched a plan. That plan was the night that we witnessed at the Nile banks. Everything was pre-planned. Your Majesty, Your reaction that night was exactly what they wanted and they knew that the Queen would be too hurt by your actions to justify herself. They knew you would not be able to bear the fact that the love of your life was actually a pawn of Hattusa but that is not the truth. The Hittite spy in reality is none other than Consort Ivy and her family."

I felt like my heart was getting crumbled to a million pieces, my legs started to wobble as I made my way to my bed because I couldn't stand straight anymore. The fact that I blamed Nefertari for a heinous crime that she never committed made me want to just rip my heart out. I sat on the bed and held my head with both my hands as I felt like it's going to explode. Tears started to flow down my cheeks and I didn't even care about the fact that I was crying aloud in front of one of my Generals.

Mentus knelt in front of me and touched my hands. Looking at his eyes, I knew that he understood what I was going through.

"Ramses, the baby that Nefertari is giving birth to is your very own flesh and blood,the rightful heir of the kingdom. This whole conspiracy was drawn by Consort Ivy to usurp the title of the Great Royal Wife and Queen Mother. For her to get both those titles it was necessary that she made sure that both the Queen and her baby are gone."

The gush of anger that swept through my veins made me shake uncontrollably. All I wanted was to rip out the heart of Ivy and her Uncle's. I stood up and started to breath hard because all the information started playing on my mind again and again.

Mentus stood up as well and said "We need to get back to Memphis soon before it is too late , Your Majesty. Her highness was so weak that she started to wince in a lot of pain at the earlier stages of labour. I am afraid if she would die before giving birth. The torture had made our once strong Queen feeble than a mere slave.We need to save her and your baby."

As soon as I heard those words , I grabbed my sword and got onto my horse that was always kept near my tent in case of an emergency. I started to ride my horse with Mentus closely following from behind. All I want to do is get to Memphis and stop the bloody execution. All I want to do is to save my wife and my baby. I will not let them die. All the bad things that I said and did to Nefertari kept playing at the back of my mind as the cold air of the night kept numbing my skin. All I pray is for her to strive through the delivery and I will ensure that they would not get executed especially at the hands of the traitor Ivy. 

I WILL SAVE YOU , MY LOVE. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath assuring myself.

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