Chapter Seven

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That night at dinner, Daniel was apologizing to you.

"Daniel, you know they're my friends. I don't appreciate you making fun of them just because the rest of the team did."

Daniel sighed. "I know. It was wrong of me okay? I'm sorry, just..please don't be mad at me. Please?"

You gave him a small smile. "Okay."

You looked at the Gryffindor table. Harry was gone again. Probably serving detention.


Dinner was over and you and Daniel walked hand in hand with the Slytherin house to your dorms.

As you all were walking, you stopped.

You were near the front so you were able to see what was going on.

Harry, Ron, and Hermionie were standing in the middle of a now gathered crowd with the professors, Mrs. Norris was hanging stiff by her tail, Mr. Filch angry, accusing Harry of doing that to Mrs. Norris and bloody writing on the wall..

"Enemies of the heir beware?"


He looked directly at Hermionie.

"You'll be next, mudbloods."

After a few moments of standing around, you were all sent to your dorms by Dumbledore.

You looked at Harry before you left. He gave you a small smile.

When you got to your dorms, everyone went to bed.

Except you and Draco.

"What is wrong with you?" You asked him.

"Nothing. I'm perfectly fine." He said.

"No, because you are always such a jerk!"

"Oh, I'm a jerk? You're the one who told me to shove my comeback up my ass."

You rolled your eyes. "That was last year!"

"Okay yeah, so what, I'm a jerk! Why do you even care? The only one who you should care about is Daniel. He's your boyfriend anyway!"

"I don't care about you! I care about how you treat my friends!" You yelled.

"You? Friends with Potter, Weasley, and Granger? Just when I thought you couldn't sink any lower. You're such a disgrace."

"Not more than you! You're pathetic!"

As you started to walk away, Draco stepped forward and grabbed your arm.

Before you could react, he slammed you against him.

Without thinking, he crashed his lips onto yours.

You froze. You looked directly at Draco who was still kissing you, his eyes closed.

The kiss wasn't long, but to you it felt like minutes.

He pulled back, look of suprise on his face.

You just stared at him, shaking.

His expression went from shock to a cold look.

"I didn't mean to do that. You just needed to shut up. Don't you dare breathe a word about what happened here. It didn't mean anything."

With that said, he pushed past you and went to his dorm.

Draco slammed the door shut and ran his hand through his hair, messing it up.

He walked to his bed and sat down, burying his face in his hands and rocked back and fourth.

He breathed hard, because his heart was racing. He was afraid.

He didn't want to catch feelings for you.

How could he do that? How could he kiss you?

You were already taken.

He sighed when he finally calmed down.

His solution was that he needed to stay away from you. Then he'll lose his feelings.


The Slytherin vs. Gryffindor Quidditch match was brutal.

Slytherin was playing dirty.

Then again, when weren't they?

You looked out for your boyfriend, but you just couldn't bring yourself to look at Draco.

Not after last night.

You were suddenly lost in your thoughts, not paying attention to the game.

Then you heard the Slytherin kids next to you gasp.

You looked to see what went on and you seen Draco knocked off his broom.

That was a pretty nasty fall.

Not too long later, Harry caught the snitch, but it seemed as if his arm was broken.

Draco was carried away. Oh what a diva.


As Draco was placed on the hospital bed, his teammates appeared.

"You alright there, mate?" Flint asked.

Draco groaned in response.

The nurse came and asked what happened.

"He fell off his broom." Flint said.

"That's nothing serious! He appears to be fine!" She said.

Draco groaned again.

She touched his forehead and looked deeply into his eyes.

"He's alittle delusional, but he doesn't need to be here. He can go."

Draco groaned again.

The nurse rolled her eyes.

"Fine, Mr. Malfoy, you can stay for awhile to rest but when I tell you to go, you go!"

She them left.

"Don't worry mate, you'll be alright." Daniel said.

"Where-where's..(y/n)" Draco whispered.

"What?" Daniel leaned in to hear.

"(Y/n)..I need her where is she?" Draco mumbled.

"Uh, Draco remember you're not her friend. You heard what the nurse said. You're just delusional right now. It'll go away soon." A teammate said.

Then, they brought Harry in.

The Slytherin team watched as they layed Harry down.

Draco groaned loudly.

"Oh, Mr. Malfoy, stop making such a fuss! You can go!" The nurse said.

A little bit of time passed before Draco's teammates helped him up and took him to the Slytherin dorms.

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