Chapter Thirteen

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‘What happened?’ Alice said, pulling me towards Languages.

‘Oh… Sir noticed that I wasn’t paying attention and told me off.’



None of us spoke for a while, and I used the comfortable silence as an opportunity to look around at my surroundings.

To my disappointment, Alice led me inside the main building. I hoped it would be another interesting setting.

‘Oh yeah, did you want me to explain about the mind thing?’ Alice asked, raising her voice as we got closer towards the crowds of students.

‘Please.’ I replied sarcastically.

Okay…no need to get rude…’ she mocked.

I resisted the urge to roll my eyes.

‘It’s a skill that all teachers have to learn. It’s called Projection, and it’s when you make your thoughts louder.’

‘So how come I can hear it if only Mr Handsen knows how to Project?’

‘Because, idiot-’

‘Eve.’ I snapped.

‘-Eve,’ Alice continued, unfazed, ‘you need to learn how to project, but listening to projected thoughts is a natural ability.’


‘Yep. But only for witches.’

‘So am I a witch?’ We had arrived at a set of doors that had a sign that said, ‘Welcome to the Languages Corridor’, followed by different phrases in unknown language. I looked at them closely but couldn’t recognise  any. Maybe this was another ‘magic’ thing.

So many things I don’t know…

‘Alice! Am I a witch?’ I repeated.

Alice threw open the double doors, revealing a hallway with doors lining both sides. ‘We’re in room 2.’

I was about to ask again when she added, ‘I don’t know. You look like one, or act like one. Besides, you’re eyes are too normal coloured.’

‘I’m not sure I understand-‘

‘Yeah? Well I didn’t ask you to.’

I gave Alice an odd look, but before I could reply, she pulled me into the classroom. About half of the class was already in their seats, meaning we weren’t late for once.

I didn’t have a chance to look at the classroom closely as Alice showed me to a row of seats at the far back, which was occupied by two other people; Ember and another person. I immediately erased that last thought from my mind.

This wasn’t a person. This was a god.

Dark, coffee coloured hair framed his pale face perfectly. His lips were quirked into a smirk, whether it was at what Ember was saying, or his permanent expression I didn’t know.

Suddenly, he turned to face me, directing his golden hazel eyes to mine and my heart stopped. For one agonizingly slow second, the god ran his eyes over me, sizing me up.

Then, just like that, the, moment was over.

‘Eric!’ Alice simpered, and sat in the seat on the other side of him. Ember waved at me, and I made my way on shaking legs to the free seat next to hers.

‘Hi Ember, what’s up?’ I said, trying to sound normal.

‘Oh, nothing much. This is Eric, by the way.’

‘Eric’ didn’t react to the introduction, leading me to believe that perhaps he hadn’t heard. ‘I’m Eve.’ I said, a bit louder than Ember.

This time, Eric turned around, giving me a frosty glare, before facing Alice again.

I raised an eyebrow. ‘What’s his problem?’ I whispered to Ember.

She hushed me, and again, I was reminded of her fear of confrontation. Letting loose a heavy sigh, I busied myself with unpacking my notebook and pencil case. I hadn’t been issued with a textbook or exercise book for any subjects yet.

As I placed my pencil case on the desk, the door opened, revealing a very hassled looking woman. 

Thank you to LoveYouMe who pointed out that I had posted a chapter twice :/ silly me. 

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