Chapter One

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chapter one: 

       The exact reasons as to why I was so undoubtedly attracted to Jason Yang were completely unknown to me.

       Everything simply was with him. No further explanation was needed.

       Even though I had buried emotions deep into the pits of my soul when it came to Jason, they would still rare their ugly heads at late hours of the night when I was alone, drunk or both. Not only had Jason Yang broken up with me and shattered my entire world, but his spirit continued to haunt me. Almost two years later.

       The only coping mechanism to get me through it had been denial. Which, admittedly, I had taken a little too far. One minute I was telling myself Jason Yang meant nothing to me, and then the next, I was telling myself Jason Yang was nothing. As in, he didn't exist.

       For the most part, I almost believed myself. I almost convinced myself that Jason Yang and the painful dull in my chest that he had caused never happened. He was simply a figment of my imagination that somehow held a small piece of me captive. But all of that work is now being undone in mere seconds, because denial was no longer an option when the devil himself was staring at you straight in the face.

       He's wearing a cap with the words 'Denny's' written in swirly handwriting. I'm glad that the cap casts a dark shadow over his eyes, hiding them out of sight. I don't know what I would have done otherwise. He's somehow managed to grow a couple of inches in my absence, because he dwarfs the space around him.

       "You're here..." I drawl, my fingers close tighter around the handle of my suitcase instinctively. Jason twists his apron in his fingers, his weight shifting from one foot to the other awkwardly.

       "I am," he says simply. "You're here too. When...when did you get here?"

       "Just now," I say, nodding towards my briefcase. "Mum hadn't really told me...about your arrangement."

       "Yeah...sorry about that" he breathes. He rubs the back of his head and looks down, and I know it's because he's nervous. There's something strange about seeing Jason like this—nervous, of all things. Jason Yang was never nervous, not even when we first started dating some lifetimes ago.

       Jason Yang was confident. Charming. Somewhat cocky but he was never nervous.

       "So, you live here now?" I ask. Even though I'm just as nervous as he is, I'm far better at hiding it. Maybe its because seeing Jason makes me angry and upset too and the combination gives me a new found confidence. Jason nods once, stuffing his hands into his pockets.

       "I am," he clears his throat. "I moved back a month ago and your mum offered me a place to stay for cheap rent. I took the offer but if I'd known you were going to be back—." He cuts himself off, sucking in a deep breath before continuing. "I guess what I'm trying to say is that I didn't plan for things to happen this way."

       "Huh," I breathe. "Yet here you are."

       "I knew this would happen," he takes his cap off, running his hand through his messy jet black hair. His hair looks so much shorter then I remember it being, while his hair was once long and bunched up around his shoulders they now fail to reach the tips of his ears.

       "You knew what would happen?" I challenge him. He doesn't respond straight away, instead he looks around, like the answers to my question are written in the air in front of him.

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