Apologies, another note! The topic of Requests.

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Well, as you can already tell unfortunately Goretober did not work out. I'm not, however, by any means scrapping the prompts- you'll get to read them when I find the notes. I have to unpack a lot of boxes still.
But the subject of this note is not to talk about excuses such as me moving, I'd like to talk about opening up requests for a little while. I've noticed several of you have voted, or added me to lists and I'm extremely grateful, genuinely. I never thought my writing would appease so many. I've been on a bit of a writing kick, but don't have quite the inspiration I'd hoped I would. You can leave requests in my message box with details of the oneshot you'd like, or if you'd just like a character don't hesitate to comment.

To be Continued...
He Loved You a Little too Much. (Boyfriend to Death oneshots/one-offs)
Last updated: May 03, 2020
He Loved You a Little too Much. (Boyfriend to Death oneshots/one-offs)Where stories live. Discover now