S.Coups [3]

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Requested by: St8ouTTa808

Since some of you guys wanted a part 3 or should I say, a continuation, so, here it is my babes. Hope you all like it hehehe :}

Auulelei's POV

I quickly went to my car with sweat beads on my forehead. I just want to go back to my apartment. Tonight supposed to be fun and all. But it was the other way around. Fuck, Nayeon.

Well, I don't want to be mad at Seungcheol since he didn't do anything bad. He is an innocent guy. I saw the sympathetic gaze he has for me when I walked out the group. And I don't want to feel any sympathy from anyone. I just don't like it. It feels like I'm an attention seeker.

Once I got to my car, there is a voice that is very familiar, causing me to look for my keys in a hurry. Finally, after five freaking times of looking for it in my purse, I got it. I was about to insert it when a hand grabbed my wrist and made me face him.


Seungcheol took a deep breath before composing himself and straightening his position. He open his mouth but I cut him off.

"Hey..., if you're going to apologize to me for Nayeon, don't worry about that. I just need some rest because today was for sure a big day and stressful." I faked smile.

I'm really good in that. So, call me Fake Smile Expert. 

He cleared his throat, "Well, yeah. I wanted to apologize for her behavior towards you, knowing you have the highest position than her. But, I know you and Jeonghan had a thing together and let me guess, you feel emotions again."

I rolled my eyes, "Whatever."

"Please give me a chance to heal your heart."

My body froze. I looked at him weirdly, and in shock.

I scoffed, and shake my head. "Wait, I thought you like Nayeon. I heard that from your boys. Don't fucking tell me that you lied to them. Oh my god, I don't know anymore." 

"I know. I like Nayeon so much. I really do. The thing is I don't want to see you broken like this. Everyone wanted to see you smile again, especially my boys. Please, I also wanted to do this for the sake of Nayeon. I know she did you wrong so I'm here to fix it. Because we obviously know, she won't do it." He stated with a serious tone.

I looked at him before thinking about what he just said. Should I even let him help me heal my broken heart? The broken heart that shattered into pieces that a sorry can't even put everything back. The broken heart that has been abused for many times. My problem is, of course the one and only Nayeon. 

I bit my lip, "What about Nayeon? What if she finds out? She will probably kill me."

"She won't. I got others to have eyes on her." he said with a small smile. He grabbed my both hands and held them tighter than ever with assurance. "So, will you let me heal you to become a better person?"

It took me seconds before giving in with a slow nod. He smiled widely and pulled me in a bear hug. I was surprised at his action that my breath hitched. Not only because he hugged me so sudden but I felt his very strong scent which I really love on men.

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