2. I wish I hadn't seen her again

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*3 years later*

Camila's POV
Me and Shawn were standing on the Red Carpet, hugging each other closely.
"Hey! Camila! Shawn! Smile please!"
"Here! Camila!"
"Shawn Mendes!"
"Shawmila forever!"
"Isn't this couple the cutest?!"
"Come on guys, keep walking to the left," Amber pushed us softly, pointing at the next shooting spot. Shawn's hand clinged onto mine, pulling me slowly to our last shooting spot, which was the most crowded one.
My eyes got used to the burning light of the cameras' flashes, since they've been following me for the last 8 years of my life. Shawn smiled sexily to the camera, gripping my waist closer to his tall, athletic body. I lied my head on his chest, smiling cutely at the cameras.
"We have time for a quick interview" Amber broke in, "Are you guys okay?" She asked us, even tho we both knew we ere kind of obligated to do it. "Yes, sure" Shawn smiled, and pulled me with him, heading at the stairs of the front door of the avenue. "Camila! Shawn!" We heard the paparazzis and journalists' voices. "Hello guys!" I greeted them excitedly, since I've known some of them for years. "Hey Chelsea!" I hugged the blond reporter who fought through the crowd to come and talk to me. "How are you sweethearts?" She kissed me on the cheek, doing the same to Shawn. "We're great! We just won our MTV award for Señorita!" Shawn laughed confidently, he was so cute when he did that. "Yeah!" I laughed, following his lead, "We're really grateful to our fans! We owe this to them!" I smiled, showing off our award we just received.
"So guys...What we're dying to know is...how's this relationship going?" She smiled sneakily, nodding to our tangled holding hands. I looked at Shawn questioningly, only to see that he's doing the same. "Aw you two are adorable!" Chelsea complimented us. "Yeah, it's going pretty strong, isn't it Babe?" He dodged my shoulder playfully. "It's great," I smiled at Chelsea. "Camila," She handed the mic from Shawn to me, "Did you know Lauren's here too tonight right?" She eyed me apologetically. I knew it wasn't her fault for the question, it's what Twitter has been rambling about all weekend and she has to follow what's trending. "Yes, I actually heard she's hosting today" I smiled awkwardly. "Well, haven't you two talked? In general" She added. "Well, I didn't see her inside at all, But she's doing great I've heard" I nodded confidently. "Have you heard her new single? Expectations?" She asked me curiously, making me feel even more awkward. "No, to be honest I hadn't had the chance to listen to it, but I'm sure she's killing it" I smiled. It was true, I've never heard it. I decided that to leave my past behind I have to focus on me and my future carrier, not my former bandmates'.
"And last question, Shawn," She handed the mic to my boyfriend, "How do you feel about the whole Romance album being dedicated to you?" She winked at me. I just chuckled nervously, since I'm the only one knowing about who was most of the songs in my albums...And it's not Shawn, not all of them. "Um, it's really flattering..." He smiled warmly at me, "Especially because literally all of my albums are about Camila too" He teased. "Well this is new!" Chelsea said excitedly, handing the mic over for further questions. "Chelsea honey, you said last question" I laughed awkwardly, "Yeah, we're pretty dead" Shawn agreed. "It was great to see you guys again!" She smiled and hugged us both in her arms.
Shawn walked down the stairs, still holding my hand and waiting for me to walk ahead, making sure I don't trip...again. I've always been like this, clumsy. Amber came running to us, with her headphones applied in her ears. "Guys wait!" She pulled Shawn's blazer to get pur attention. "We'll need you to go from the other way around" She informed us. "Oh why Amber? Our limousine is right here" Shawn pointed to the limousine we had rent. "Yeah but Roger said..." Amber began to explain. "Look Ambs," I cut her off politely, "I'm actually a reck, I need sleep and I need it now" I leaned my head, whining about how tired we both are. "Look in front of you" She whispered in my ear, making me look at her questioningly, arching a brow. She nodded for me to look around, and so I did.
I gasped at the girl, I mean the woman, I just faced. It was her. Lauren was standing in front of me, getting interviewed by a bunch of new reporters, just in front of our car which was waiting for us to leave for our hotel room. She was wearing a tight black and white dress, and her hair was in a tall ponytail. She was thicker, and her face has changed a lot too. She was still the most gorgeous woman I've ever seen.

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