Chapter Ten: The End Of It All

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Chapter Ten: The End Of It All

Darkness. It's all I can see. It goes on forever, before and behind me...

Frozen. It's all I can feel. It's so cold, it's so real...

Fear. It's consuming me from within. It's a war inside me and I know I can't win...

Help me... someone please, help me...

Julian had reacted instantly, jerking forward and then launching himself off his ass, running straight for Deva's room. Sharon followed from behind, white, ghostly hair floating in the air with an invisible gust of air. But when he got inside, he found Adrianna there, laying on the bed and reading Sharon's diary. There was a bored look on her face, and when she saw Julian, she tossed the book aside; the book with all of Deva's handwriting's and notes.

"Julian, you can't seriously still be crazy over that girl." Adrianna ran her hand through blonde curls. They'd once been large with volume and healthy - now they looked dead and dull. Even her eyes, which used to have this weird shine to them, had dulled. Sharon stepped beside Julian, her eyes narrowed.

"This girl is not my descendent."

Julian blinked. But Deva...? "What do you want, Danicka? Did you become bored with the last puppet?"

Adrianna blinked. And then she smirked. What happened next was so unbelievable to Julian's eyes, he almost felt as if he'd fallen asleep, watching Adrianna morph her body, blonde curls becoming blood red hair that fell in waves. Her wide beautiful eyes became a cold, wintry blue, and when she looked to Julian, she winked. "I see you're still unable to attain an actual form," the new Adrianna said in a voice that was completely like Deva's, looking over to Sharon, who looked a little more miffed than scared of the woman.

"Danicka, you know very well why I can't attain a body."

"Because you're a weakling. That's why." Adrianna/Deva/Danicka laughed, shaking her head. "My, my, little darling, you haven't changed at all. And you will still die. Again and again until there are NO MORE descendants from you!" Julian stared at the two for a moment, and then he saw it. A skeleton key hanging off a chain to the left of Adrianna/Deva/Danicka. He turned his attention back to her a second later, making sure she hadn't seen the small glint in his eyes; she hadn't, still staring at the ghostly Sharon.

Making a quick prayer in his head, Julian lunged, hand catching at the skeleton key. After that, he threw a kick in Danicka's way, making sure his foot connected with her jaw before running to his room, picking up Deva and then running for Sharon's room. The one with Sharon's body. Should I really be doing this? he asked himself, taking the skeleton key and shoving it into the key-hole, panicking when Danicka exited Deva's room, Sharon's ghostly form trying to pull her back.

"Open the door and then lock it with the skeleton key! Anything that key locks, we cannot enter!"

And so Julian blindly followed what Sharon told him, carrying Deva into the room and locking the door with the skeleton key. Seconds passed in silence, Julian staring through the key-hole. Nothing happened. Finally, he turned back to where he'd lain Deva's frozen body and leaned down, caressing her cheek.

"Now what?" he asked no one in particular. Sighing, Julian stood up and looked ahead - to see Sharon's skeletal body. Julian covered his mouth immediately, staggering back. "Oh... oh god..." this wasn't the first time he'd seen her body, but lately all the dead bodies all around him were getting to be too much. Especially with Deva.


More than about ten hours had passed, and nothing obvious had happened. Today's the sixth day, Julian noted in his head, sighing. At that point, he'd made himself a sort of bed/seat on the floor and laid there all of yesterday night and most of the morning, Deva tucked in next to him. Her body was still cold like a dead person's, but it wasn't as cold as it used to be, and Julian like that, even if he couldn't fathom why.


It was around eleven pm when the first screams erupted from below. Julian did not bother to go down there. As long as they were in that room, Julian and Deva were safe, even if Deva was already dead. Even if Julian was the only one alive. Holding Deva's corpse closer, rubbing his hands up and down her arms, he kissed her forehead lightly. Oh, if only I'd been able to do this when you were alive...


Noon of the seventh day. The winter solstice. Julian was starving; he was cold and he was sore all over for only laying around for the past few days. Isaac was dead. He knew it the moment he'd heard his throaty scream a few hours ago. Honestly, no one seemed to be alive anymore. The whole house was drenched in silence. Still, Julian did not dare leave the room. Not until the seven days were up completely. Not until he knew he was safe for sure and could go on to bury Deva's body somewhere proper, unlike the forest cemetery.

"What would it take... for things to be quiet... Quiet like the snow..."

Julian whispered, running his hands through Deva's hair. Two minutes to midnight. Closing his eyes, Julian hoped it would all go well. "I love you, Deva, even if you're dead," he whispered, letting himself fall asleep.

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