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"And where do you think you're going dressed like that?" Barney questioned his younger sister, Atlanta, noticing that she was sneaking out in the most revealing light pink dress he had ever seen

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"And where do you think you're going dressed like that?" Barney questioned his younger sister, Atlanta, noticing that she was sneaking out in the most revealing light pink dress he had ever seen. She had her black heels in her hand and she was frozen in position.

"Kegger down at the boneyard." Atlanta whispered, turning around a plastering a huge smile on her face, hoping that her way over protective brother would let her go.

"Does dad know?" Barnaby questioned, crossing his arms as he looked at his sister disapprovingly.

"Sure he does." Atlanta made finger guns and playfully shot at him before attempting to walk about. But unfortunatly for Atlanta, protective brother mode was on and he wasn't about to let her go out dressed like that, not alone anyways.

"Attie." He said sternly.

"Party pooper." She groaned. She hated when Barney did this, it was rare but it did happen. "Why do you-"

"I'm coming too." Atlanta couldn't help but let out an excited squeal, she ran up to her brother and kissed his cheek.

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" She said, linking arms with him and dragging him to the car, not even giving him a chance to get changed in to something nicer. "I'm driving." Atlanta said dangling the keys to his car in his face, which was a huge mistake, since Barnaby grabbed the keys with a light laugh.

"You think I'm gonna let you drive Greggory?" Barney questioned, running his fingers over the black car bonnet. This car was his baby. He had worked his ass off for this car, pulling back to back shifts at The Wreck and selling his paintings on the side of the beach. He refused to accept any money from his dad. He wanted this car to be his with no debt to his father. 

"You are way to obessed with this car." Attie sat as she swung open the car door and hopped in shot gun. She pulled her feet up onto the car seats, only for her older brother to push them back down again. "I need to put my shoes on asshat." Atlanta slapped her brother's bicep angrily and pulled her feet back up and onto the chair. She slipped her heels on and placed her foot on the dashboard as she fastend the strap, causing Barney to let out an over exaggerated gasp. "Oh shut up and drive." Atlanta ordered.

"Oh shut up and drive." Barney mimicked."This car is my baby."

"You named you car Greggory, you must really hate your baby." Atlanta mumbled as she finshed fastening the strap on her other shoe.

"I love Greggory." He said confidentally. "Now take your feet down and shut up." He ordered.

"Alright moody!" Atlanta groaned and placed her feet down.


Atlanta didn't waste any time before getting a drink once she got to the boneyard. She got John B, one of the Pogues, to fill a red solo cup up to the brim with beer.

"T!" Atlanta smiled happily once she saw her childhood best friend. She ran and jumped on his back, some of the drink spilled out of the cup and onto the pair but they didn't care.

"Attie?" Topper questioned, stumbling forward. He quickly wrapped his hands around her thighs and hoisted her up. "You drunk already?" He questioned concerned for the girl. "Where's Barney?"

"No I am not drunk Topper, I just got here. Barney is over their flirting with that girl." Attie pointed over to a random blonde.

"Where's Sarah?" Atlanta said in a teasing tone. Topper and Sarah had recently started dating and Attie teased him about it every chance she got.

"She's not come tonight." Topper shrugged and Atlanta jumped down.

"Shame." She paused. "I miss her." Attie pouted. Over the past few years she had gotten much closer to Sarah Cameron, the 'Kook princess.' Atlanta wanted to say it was all due to Topper, but she knew it wasn't.

"Well," Topper looked at his watch. "I'm leaving now to go and see her, you're welcome to come." Topper invited the girl.

"No. No." Atlanta chuckled. "I don't want to third wheel." She leaned up and kiss his cheek, "Go! Have fun. I'll drag Barney away from the girl to keep me company." She chuckled, her eyes flickering over to Barney who had a huge smile on his face. She loved seeing him happy, it was rare that he ever had a genuine smile on his face.

"I'll see you later Attie." Topper said tapping her small button nose lightly, she didn't hesitate in smacking it away.

"Get off me." She laughed. "See you later T." She took his red solo cup from his grip and downed the contents as he walked away.


Attie couldn't remember how many drinks she'd had, but she had been told by multiple people that she should probably stop. She of course ignored them and kept refilling her solo cup.

"Fill me up will you, Maybank." Attie smiled at the blonde boy, who was currently filling up his red solo cup.

"Sure princess." JJ said as he looked up to the brunette. She was Deputy Shoupe's daughter, he had ran into her one too many times at the station. Plus he'd had a few one night stands with her. He didn't fail to notice the small clip in flower in her hair. It was soft and delicate.

"Not my name." Attie mumbled. "Do you even know my full-"

"Atlanta Carson Shoupe." He smirked, she looked hot. The tight light pink dress framed her curvy figure perfectly. He couldn't help but let his eyes flicker over her.

"JJ?" Atlanta laughed as she watched the boy's eyes flicker over her naturally tanned body. She'll admit, it gave her the cliche butterflies. It made her feel all excited and giddy. She hasn't seen him in a few weeks, but the last time they were together-

Well fuck.

"Wanna get out of here?" JJ raises his brow, pushing some of the girls brown hair behind her ear. Atlanta nodded with a smile. JJ has never seen Atlanta without a smile on her face.

She looked around for Barney and saw that he was laughing with some boy. Surely he wouldn't miss her for an hour or two. "Let's go." JJ said linking their hands.


JJ slammed Atlanta against the wall of the bedroom. His lips hovered over hers slightly. He could feel her warm breath mingling with hers. His eyes scanned over her face. She had hazel eyes with small golden flecks, a small button nose and the smallest dimples whenever she smiled. JJ's eyes flickered back to her lips.

Atlanta wrapped her arms around his neck and and threaded her fingers through his dirty blonde hair. She pulled him closer slightly, making their lips briefly touch.

Seconds felt like minutes and minutes felt like hours. "If you don't do something soon princess-"

She didn't waste any time in pressing their lips together after he said that. He could taste the cheap beer that she had been previously drinking. She could taste the nicotine from the cigarettes he'd smoked. She hated smoking. But right now she didn't care.

JJ tapped her thighs, making Atlanta jump up and wrap her legs around his torso. Their lips moulded together perfectly.

He pinned her down on the bed and pulled away to pull off his shirt. Atlanta looked up at the boy through her lashes. He quickly attached his lips to her neck, making her let out a quiet moan. Her hands ran down his back and pulled him closer to her. JJ pulled away with a smirk and slowly unbuttoned her dress.

"Fuck." JJ whispered.

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