Chapter Nine: What Would It Take, For Things To Be Quiet

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Chapter Nine: What Would It Take, For Things To Be Quiet

Two Hundred Years Ago; Victorian Era

Annoyed. It was the only was I could say I really felt that day, sauntering through the Great Hall, to the large ballroom mommy and daddy owned. In seven days, it would've been the Winter Solstice, a pointless day that they found so important that they needed to have a party each day. I had walked through the doorway, raising my head high as I entered the room, knowing the grand candlelight surrounding the room would be enough to illuminate me and my dress.

The crowd of people around me had all smiled and clapped, welcoming in the 'Devroux Princess' with great cheer. It was all a show; a lie. Everyone in that room had been good actor, playing the role of loving followers that would forever be loyal to a young girl who'd be dying soon. I had crushed the red rose in my hand, biting my thumb as the applause died down and people began to continue on with whatever it is they were doing. I couldn't help but to glare at them, wishing I could just kill them all...

"Sharon Devroux, is it?"

A slender hand had rested on my small shoulder then taking me out of my thoughts; it was a pale delicate hand that had held many rings and a diamond bracelet. I had gazed upwards, my grey eyes meeting with cold blue ones that flashed with power. "I am Danicka Roman. I may have a way to grant your secret wish." Shivers had gone down my spine, and I could only blink when the woman stepped back, long red hair glistening in the candle light. She'd given me a dark, mischievous smile before walking away, into the crowd of people.

All these people can die for you, and you can live.

The words appeared from no where, having drifted through my head, and when I'd looked up, my eyes had met with the woman's from across the room. It's simple really. Just follow me... I had found her legs carrying me forward before I could stop myself, walking in the way I'd seen the woman - Danicka - go.

I had to follow after her, entranced, tempted by the words in my head. Had I known what that woman was, I'd never had followed her, much less spoken to her. Yet, I had not, and so down the rabbit hole I'd gone.

We met outside near the rugby field, out in the garden, and there the woman spoke to me of what sort of deal she had for me. "Dear little one, you want to live, don't you?" I had nodded my head like a fool, easily believing in the woman. She'd grinned, beckoning me forward with blood red nails. "I have a solution to your dilemma; a permanent one." I'd asked her what that solution had been, blindly grasping at strings. I was too young to die. I could not allow myself to die so young!

"Seven days, seven nights. Forty nine sacrifices for one life. For each day, seven must die. For each night, seven will arise, and by the solstice, all shall be sacrificed."

She'd told me the prophecy, and then told me to - with a dagger she'd given me - kill one person each night. That one person would arise and kill another, and so on it would go, until seven were killed each night. I, having been selfish, had obeyed her perfectly, doing as asked that night.

That night, I murdered a woman with the dagger. That night, that woman and six others had been murdered.


First Generation House Guests Info:

Descendents of Danicka Roman;

Reith Mary Glenn

John Grey

Veronica Ariozola

Renata Servantes

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