Aren't You A Little Young To Be In Love? Yes, Yes I Am. (Phineas/Isabella) 1

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Hey there, this is just a little Phineas and Isabella love story.  They're about 17 now and realizing they having feeling for each other. Actually, Phineas is realizing he is seriously in love.

The Older Years

                                                 Chapter One- Since when did I act like this?

Phineas' POV

"whatcha doooing?" She chimed. Her pink bow bopping over the fence as she came into the yard. Sun dappled her black hair as she walked under the tree that covered so much of our backyard.  "Trying to figure out what Ferb and I are going to do today!" I said before flopping down onto the grass. "I'm out of ideas, do you have an idea Isabella?" She leaned over me and smiled. Her eyes lit up and my heart felt like it was going to blow a gasket. "Nope." she sat down next to me and pulled grass from the ground. Ferb slowly got up and followed Perry, our pet platypus, out of the yard and into the house.  A slight breeze ruffled Isabella's hair and her bow fell into the grass next to me.  Autumn leaves fell from the tree and scattered onto the ground. We both reached for the bow and our fingers touched so slightly but it felt like I stuck a fork in an outlet.  My heart started pounding and I could feel the blush creeping up into my face.  "S-sorry." I stammered. Phineas, MAN! Pull yourself together, she's just your friend, why are you acting this way.  My voiced echoed loudly in my head. Isabella turned away quietly as she put her bow back into her long hair...her shining, beaut- PHINEAS! really man? Calm down. "Are you okay? You're all red." She reached out to touch my forehead but I pushed her hand away. "I'm okay Isa." I forced a smile. Sitting up quickly made me really dizzy but I had a feeling it had to do with something else. "So..Phineas-" My heart flipped when she said my name. "Whatcha wanna do today?" She pulled on more grass then looked me in the eyes. No, bad don't do that! NO. I shook my head and pretended to fix my hair. My stomach was churning and flipping. I felt my throat constricting with nerves. Oh no, here it comes. "excusemeithinkimgoingtobesick!" all my words stumbled out as I got up, running to the house. I made it, but just barely. I flung the bathroom door open and aimed for the toilet.

   If I hated anything the most in the world, it's getting sick to my stomach. "Ugh.." I sighed and slid down onto the floor.  The cold tile was relieving because I was burning up. "Phin?" Ferb's voice echoed down the hall before he appeared in the doorway of the bathroom.  "Wotcher Phin, looks like breakfast didn't stay at Tiffany's this mornin'." Ferb came in, flushed the toilet, closed the lid and sat down. He didn't say anything but his look said it all.  "What, Ferb. Don't make that face at me." I was not in the mood for his quirky British humor that said nothing and everything. "Fine" He sighed, "Why the bloody hell are you in here, looking like you just got mowed down by a double decker bus?" He handed me a tissue to wipe my mouth.  "Ferb..she makes me so nervous. She never used to make me feel this way.."  I grabbed the towel rack and pulled myself up.  Peeking out the shades of the bathroom window, I saw her there, laying in the grass. Her hair spread in the autumn leaves, her blue eyes sparkling in the September sun. My stomach gave another huge jolt.  "Ferb I'm gonna be sick again." I slid back down to the floor and sunk my head in my hands. "Whats wrong with me...?" My hoarse voice sounded so unlike me..  "Phineas Flynn-Fletcher. Nothing. AND I MEAN nothing is wrong with you" Ferb's suddenly sharp voice scared me. I looked at him and he was staring straight at me.

"You're just in love is all."

I opened my mouth to speak, but my stomach spoke instead, and it spoke all over Ferb's brand new shoes. 

Ferb let out a long string of choice swear words before carefully removing his shoes and throwing them in the shower. He handed me a pile of towels to clean up my mess. "Ill be back in a sec."  His vanished, carefully avoiding the puddles of sick on the tile. 

-- Narrator POV

"Isabella?" She jumped and sat up quickly. "Ferb. Where's Phin? Is he okay? Did he get sick? and where are your shoes?" She stood up and got right in Ferb's face. "Shhh.., Isa, he's okay. I think he ate some bad breakfast." He placed his hands on her shoulders and held her at an arms length.  They had all grown so much in the last few years....  Ferb shot up and was almost six feet tall. Phineas was shorter but not but much. He was about 5'9.  Isabella got taller but still was much shorter then the boys.  She was only 5'5''. "Ferb, just give him this okay?" She pushed something into his hands and left the yard.  He watched her leave and then glanced down at his hands.  A small braided bracelet was there, with a note attached. 

"Phineas, this is a friendship bracelet.

Tie it on and make a wish, when it falls off, the wish comes true.

Love always, Isabella."

Ferb smiled and shook his head in disbelief. If they only knew how they felt for eachother.

--Phineas' POV

I threw all the towels in the wash and turned on the longest cycle.  I shuffled up the stairs and into my room, heading over to the closet. I grabbed a fresh shirt and changed. I was about to throw myself onto my bed but Ferb stuck his head in the door and surprised me before I could.  "Catch." He tossed something at me.  I caught it and fell onto my bed before letting sleep overcome me at last.

-- Meanwhile, at the Garcia-Shapiro house.--

Isabella's POV

Click click click ... ... ..- "Yes, hello, Candace? Its about your brother- Yes I know youre in college - CANDACE! Will you just listen to me?-- Thank you." I sighed as I sat on my bed. I fumbled with my bow and yanked it from my hair. I just have to ask. 1.2.3- "Is" A loud screaming laughter resounded out of the phone. "Hey! Don't laugh, I just..I just had to ask. I don't understand why he won't return any of my feelings. None of them at all..Thank you Candace, I think I'm going to go..." and with that, I snapped my phone shut on her cackling laughter, feeling worse then I had felt all day. What was I thinking..Phineas must just not like me. Its only been 15 years since we met.  I glanced over at the small collection of frames on my dresser. Phineas at the beach...Phin at the mall..Phin in Paris.. WHY ARE THEY ALL OF HIM! I threw my phone and the frames went flying. What happened to all that dancing and music and ... flirting in the past summers.. . I sighed loudly and felt tears well up. I wiped my face and left my room. The house was quiet today. My thoughts wandered as I walked around the kitchen opening cabinets just to close them or to pick up a plate, only to put it back on the shelf.  Music will soothe my nerves, I thought as I saw the stereo on the counter. After flicking through a myriad of stations before finding one, loud, familar beats sang into my ears.

"Here's what I'm talkin' 'bout!

  Bow, Chicka, Bow-Wow!

  That's what my baby says!


  And my heart starts pumping!

(Oh) Chicka-Chicka, Choo Wap!

Never gonna stop!

Gitchee Gitchee Goo means that I love you"

Phineas' voice echoed into my kitchen. 

"BUT YOU DON'T LOVE ME!!" I screamed and pushed the radio off the counter. It shattered and smashed into a million pieces. Little shards of plastic flew, glittering, across the room like sparks. Malice and hatred for all things love-related surged through me. My fists clenched and my heart pounded in my head. Stupid boy. I thought, seething with discontent.

When will you ever learn?


First chapter of a love story I'm writing.

I do not own any of these characters. Copyrights belong to Disney.

Hope ya liked it, its going to get more serious so I'm rating it pg-13. Nothing to bad but probably some language that's all.

It switches POV sometimes so watch out for that :)

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