Ch. 4

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Chapter Four


While walking to their house, the four boys had their head swimming with curiosity. They wondered how could they feel such emotions about a stranger they just met. Technically, not a stranger anymore. The moment they set eyes on this tiny, beautiful girl, they felt attached. Like she was the shepherd and they were the sheep, hypothetically speaking.

Either way, they had strong urges to touch her, feel her (in a non-creepy way), protect her. They all knew what that meant and they're happy to admit that they might have just found their soulmate.

Silas thought, luck was on his side. Having the same soulmate as your brothers? He couldn't be anymore grateful for the gods to give him such a wonderful opportunity. A life where he could share his soulmate with his well-loved brothers is a life he wants to live.

Gabriel couldn't wait to get his hands on Sang's long, luscious hair. Her hair was anything he had ever seen before. It changed color depending on the angle or how the light reflected off it. It was primarily dirty blonde but there were shades of red, brown, white and yellow in there that he couldn't explain. Chameleon, he called it chameleon.

Victor was addicted to Sang's voice. It was sweet, melodic, angelic and every other adjective you could use that meant beautiful. He wanted to hear her giggle again, to laugh and god knows how much he wants to hear her sing.

Upon getting close to her, Kota found herself staring deep into Sang's sublime eyes that seemed to mirror a grassy meadow which had the greenest green you could ever find yet despite the beauty he could spot the darkness in them, the loneliness and agony. He wanted to take it all away, what has this girl been through to have her look so broken. Her emerald eyes contrasted with his dark mossy ones. He liked the way her eyes would light up with mirth.

What agitated the boys where the bruises on her arms and legs. Despite the fresh scrapes, there were signs of old bruises that they knew all to well what caused them. They'd have to bring that up with Sang when she's ready.

Sang was very much attracted to the boys which was a bit confusing for her. How could she be so interested within a few minutes of meeting them. This was what she was contemplating on as the boys' house came into view.

"You're my new neighbors?" Sang inquires while they stood in the driveway where the moving truck had already gone. Are they siblings or are they just very close friends? Because Sang can't find any other reason as to why they can live together with a house of their own.

"You live here too?" Kota answered Sang with a question. The boys were thrilled by the fact that Sang might be living close to them.

Sang was a little dubious to tell them where her house was in risk of her safety but she considered them as acquaintances and acquaintances knew were you lived, right? She could only hope that they weren't potential mass murderers or child predators or something.

"That's my house." Sang wearily pointed to the house across.

The house looked normal on the outside, but if you take a closer look, you'd see a lifeless, unloving home. You can't even call it a home anymore.



The boys' house was clean and everything was unpacked neatly but I could tell they haven't finished unpacking yet. Quite surprising for a bunch of boys, though I don't want to be stereotypical. They directed me into the living room where there was a big fluffy orange couch, it kinda stuck out like a sore thumb, but it did look cute among the modern integral design. 

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