You're alone

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University life was treating Jeon Jungkook well. In fact, the alpha had never been this happy for such a long period of time in his life. His anxiety and self-loathing had washed away as soon as he stepped into the enormous building that was his faculty. No one knew him here, no one had any sort of hatred towards him and for once, he could meet people while feeling like a blank slate.

The dorm he lived in was shared with a basketball fanatic named Yugyeom who sported long blonde locks and always wore silly socks. Today, he was wearing bright green ones with googly eyes that had to resemble somewhat of a frog. Jungkook honestly didn't know where he bought them but he was sure it was on some dodgy black market that only sold socks for weirdos.

Though he was a tad weird, Yugyeom was a cool guy and so Jungkook immediately felt comfortable around him. Since his roommate was so into sports, Jungkook was encouraged to pick up on one as well. He had never really bothered to do any kind of sport since he never could actually afford one and now that the sport activities in college were paid for him, he took a shot at joining multiple sport clubs.

The first one he joined, and also the one he enjoyed the most by far, was swimming. It had been years since he had actually entered a pool and the first time trying to swim again was honestly so embarrassing that he almost tried drowning himself. He was taught how to swim in primary school but ever since then, he had never visited an actual pool ever again. In middle school they sometimes had PE which involved swimming, but he tried skipping those classes since he couldn't handle seeing girls in bathing suits without his wolf acting out of line.

"Dude, how long has it been since you went into a pool?", Jackson had asked him as he watched the other struggle to stay afloat. Jungkook let out a breathy chuckle as his legs kicked behind him, "Does a kiddie pool count?"

Jackson was the captain of the swimming team and overall a nice guy. Jungkook had been scared to be immediately thrown out after his embarrassing realization that he was rusty with swimming but Jackson had been nice about it. Apparently the swimming team sucked ass anyway and it wasn't much of a hassle to teach Jungkook how to properly swim again.

The second team he joined was the basketball team, which was only because of Yugyeom's persistent whining. "I don't want to go alone", his roommate had said, hands folded together in a begging motion, "What if the others are mean?"

Turns out, no one was actually that mean. Sure, some master students got a bit of an ego and some times snorted when one of the younger students fell flat onto the ground, but besides that all was well.

Jungkook had to get used to studying at a real desk instead of in a library and so he often found himself sitting in the college library with a nose in a book and a pen scribbling notes onto another book. He had always been good at studying because he didn't have anything to do besides studying. He didn't ever have a distraction from his books but now that he was in college and had actual friends, that had changed and so he found himself panicking over not getting enough study time.

"When can I see you?", Taehyung whiny voice rung through the dorm as Jungkook had his phone on loudspeaker since his roommate was out for the night. "It's been ages since we last met up".

"It's been four days", Jungkook chuckled, though his stomach churned at the thought of his omega being away from his touch for so long. Since they had started living together, he had grown used to having him within arm reach, always right on the tips of his fingers. But now that he had a dorm in college and Taehyung was living with his cousin somewhere in the city, they didn't see each other that often anymore.

"You don't miss me?"

College life wasn't the life for Taehyung. Even if he was socially capable of making friends, the people around him didn't seem interested in being his actual friend.

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