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<Jenny’s POV>

Wanna know what I answered as my favorite sex position? It’s Cowgirl! I was supposed to answer Missionary but this guy beside me told me that I should write Cowgirl. I had nothing to lose so I wrote it anyways.

"Doggy, Missionary, Missionary, Suspended Congress, Cowgirl, Lotus, Suspended Congress, an*l, or*l, Doggy, Suspended Congress, Lotus, Missionary, Lotus, Cowgirl, Doggy, Missionary, Doggy, Suspended Congress, an*l, Lotus, or*l, an*l, Missionary, Lotus, Cowgirl, Doggy, Missionary, Spoons.” Ms. Chasidy read all the papers.

Wow! I only know about 3 positions! Who knew that there was a lot of ways to have s*x? Not me. Well, I do now.

“It’s clear that the most favorite is the Missionary position, Aaron and sally, demonstrate please.” Ms. Chasidy said.

Sally laid down the bed and she took her skirt off then her lacy panties. She’s sexy, no denial in that. She’s very pretty too but I clearly am not insecure.

Aaron took off his pants then his boxer. While holding onto his d*ck, I sense that he got a b*ner now.

His beast is really big. Well, He’s been here for about 4 years and a lot of training could have gotten that big but what do I know.

He went close to Sally, she then wrapped her legs around him. “See how she wrapped her legs? That’s called the anvil position, in which may cause a deep penetration.” Ms. Chasidy said.

Ohh… Anvil Position. See!? I learn new things every day.

The guy put on his condom then he positioned himself infront of her. He first rubbed her clitoris, which she responded with soft moans… then he slowly insert his d*ck into her.

With one full thrust, Sally Moaned. Everyone in the room is clearly turned on. Even I was turned on. I think I’m even wet down there. And as I look at Jonas, he’s hard.

They were doing it faster now. “Faster.. ah. Ah.. Harder..” Sally kept on saying, I can’t believe I’m really watching this and examining their body movements.

They were doing it faster and faster. Finally, they both c*mmed.

“Thank you Aaron and Sally.” Ms.Chasidy said. Sally and Aaron stood up and they went out.

From my perspective, I don’t think that they like each other. Maybe, they were the best out of their class that’s why they were chosen but I can sense that they are not really close.

“You’re hard.” I told Jonas.

“Oh. Sh^t. Damn.” He said then he covered his pants with his hands. I giggled.

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