My mask

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My mask

My mask is a cover up to all that's beneath,

A smiles shown to hide clenched teeth.

Happy eyes to hide the pain,

A bitten lip to hide all words so vain,

Slow breaths I take,

Calm calm... That's all I make.

But underneath my mask,

Is a jumble of horrid tasks.

My heart is still,

I try and try but against my will...

My hopes shatter and fall,

I feel defenseless so small.

My mind is all red,

I hang my small head.

My world is in heaps,

My lifeless body keeps.

I try to keep my mask on,

Though my pain is never gone...

I cannot live with this hurt,

Dying I have never learnt.

My life is empty not much is left...

I will try my very best,

To hide my thoughts and pain all beneath,

Pray no one will find what's underneath...

Here I hide in darkness, pain,

My mask is all I have to keep sane.

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