Lovers thoughts

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Lovers thoughts

Sitting at home,

On the couch all alone,

Whistling a tune,

Looking out a window at the moon.

My mind swirls with thoughts,

The sweater I bought,

A chore I must do,

Me missing you.

I'm craving your presence,

Your voice, your sentence,

The touch of your fingers,

Your kiss forever lingers,

Our wedding, "I do",

The words "I love you".

I miss you terribly,

Your all that I see,

Your halo of joy,

A kid with a toy,

Your smile so sweet,

It's a beautiful treat.

I love you so dearly,

I'm alive but nearly,

You carry my heart,

Our love is just a start,

To a lifetime together,

No matter the weather.

I stand by your side,

I ignore the strong tide,

Because I love you my dear,

Your worth it, every tear.

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