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Chapter three

I was walking on the beach letting the cool sand slip through my toes and tickle them feeling the wind brush my hair and the sound of the waves crashing against the rocks sounding like music to my ears, I stood taking in the view of the water I sighed knowing that if I can go anywhere In the world this would be the place, something about the beach calms me, it feels like my senses are all tied to the depth of the ocean, I can feel the water running through my vines easing the forever burning flame of oblivion that's constantly eating through me, I can feel the sand healing my open sore wounds, and the wind lifting me away from all my worries, I must have been sitting at the shore for hours lost to my peacefulness, when I suddenly felt something move behind me, I am usually always alone when I come here, I turned around and came face to face with a women in her mid forties, I took minute to examine her, she was tall, slender, with a very thin face and hallowed cheeks she looked very tired the wrinkles around her eyes and black bags under them suggest just how exhausted she actually is, she had a just right smile drawn on her face , her extremely long black wavy hair cascaded way past her waist. She was wearing a long black gown, that could have been the ideal gown for any fancy occasion except it is now torn apart around the shoulders and covered with multiple stains, dust and more rips, wait I let my eyes drift back to her eyes something about her perfectly almond shaped eyes with long evenly spaced lashes that spread right across and that sparkling blue color of her irises looked very familiar it's almost as calming as looking at the ocean, a feeling of ease and comfort washed over me and I was sure that I've seen her before, I've known her now or in another life I wasn't sure but the only thing I knew at this moment is whoever she is I know her , and when she finally broke the silence and spoke a musical like ring to her soft voice as she said

"Hello Emma"

And suddenly I was, home. Her voice more calming than the ocean waves, the way she looked at me made all the questions go away it felt as if everything made perfect sense and that I finally belong somewhere in this world, and then and out of the depth of the blue ocean realization sunk in but I was too afraid to admit it to fearful to hope and all I could utter was

"Umm, hello?"

The statement came out more of a question than an actual greeting

"How are you my Darling?"

And as the women spoke again her voice now filled with worry, my heart skipped a beat, ready to tear out of its cocoon of fear and flutter into the butterfly of hope, because no one has ever looked at me with such concern not even Mrs. Clarke and she was the closest thing I had to a Mother figure. Mother. That word echoed through the walls of my brain. And all I could dare ask is

"Who are you?"

My voice almost cracked toward the end, my mind still couldn't come to reality with what is happening.

" I think deep in your heart you know my darling Veronica, I am you mother, and this " she said pointing toward a very muscular figure that I haven't really noticed before he looked tough all kinds and definitions of a man, the only indication that he was older is his shoulder length black hair streaked with scattered white strands almost salt and pepper like, and a scar that ran straight across his face, that was covered with a long beard the same colors of his hair. Most people would find him scary and even dangerous, but I didn't I simply felt safe, like theses large arms could protect me forever. Here it was again that light at the end of the tunnel trying to reach me,

"is your father" she finished, and I took a deep breath in, I needed to push past the fogginess and the dire wanting and think clearly for a minute wait, she just said they are my parents maybe that is why I felt this way, I felt like I belong but just as soon as that light turned on budget cuts came in and turned the light right off, she said my darling Veronica oh that makes more sense now, they have me confused with someone else, and that saddened me a little and for a second I felt true envy toward the girl whose parents are here in front of me looking for her I pushed past the sting of disappointment, and found my voice

"I am very sorry, Mr. and Mrs. but my name is Emma, and I am pretty sure you have me confused with someone else."

The woman took in a very sharp breath and discontent crossed all of her features, and if I wasn't mistaken I saw tears threaten to spill from her eyes and then the man next to her put a large hand on her shoulder almost like feeling her own pain instantly and said with a thick voice

"It's okay honey; she doesn't know who we are remember "

She raised her hand and placed it on top of his, gave him the weakest smile then looked at me and said

"My sweet, we got you this for your birthday, so it will help guide your way back to where you belong"

She took out a royal blue box wrapped with a silver bow, and placed it in my hand, i took a step back and dropped the box

"I don't know who you people are, but you are not my parents, I don't have any parents they abandoned me when I was a few month old they didn't want me, they gave me away, and moved on with their lives."

I said letting out all of my frustration and hurt out, tears just flowed down and stained my cheeks I was on the verge of breaking and if I didn't go far way from here far away from them I would crack and I won't be able to control myself I needed to get away from these people they gave me hope, and oh how dangerous that is, normal people love hope they think it's an angel they think it's good and it's god sent, but to me hope is evil it makes you wish and desire it makes you think of a better life it makes you wonder and imagine how much better everything could be and when nothing goes the way you hoped for your life comes crashing down, and you have nothing to fall to back to. Right now that's exactly how I feel I backed away from them slowly getting ready to run away, but as if the man could read my thoughts he picked up the box and said

" please, just take this, that's all we are asking of you, and then you can go, do this as a favor to two elderly people."

The pleading look in his eyes made it impossible to refuse him anything he said the words with such sincerity I bent down picked up the small box against every instinct I had then turned around and started running toward the thick trees in front of me I ran until my legs couldn't tolerate anymore running, I finally stopped and collapsed by a tree trunk I hugged my legs and the tears just fell and I felt stranded and all alone, locked inside mymind and my own thoughts suffocated me, the outside world wanted to drown meand the gravity wanted to swallow me into the deepest layer on earth, and all I had to hold on to is this box I looked at it but just I was about to open it Ethan stood in front of my but Ethan was not the problem the bear behind him however was It was a black bear with sharp claws pointed toward Ethan's back and his eyes glowed bright red and his mouth watered with hunger just as a scream was about to leave my mouth Ethan leapt toward me and the bear followed him like a shadow.

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