A family is like a long thick rope...

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***no copyright. I wrote all of these myself and please comment and vote if you like them(: thanks alot. I write when I have the urge to do so, when I am feeling strong emotions. These emotions relfect or express themselves in my poems. Enjoy!***

A family is like a long thick rope...

Filled with love, care and hope.

With ever weight of stress added on,

They worry if it can still hold on.

A thread might snap and cause the rope to break,

A chaotic mess is might make.

But as a family we must carry through,

Even if it leaves us black and blue.

We fight till the end...

Brothers, sisters and friends.

Let's try and build this rope long and thick,

Holding each other up if we might trip...

Love and strength to help us stand

Beside each other hand in hand.

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