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Title: Welcome to our freak show, come meet my monsters 
Part 2

The girl had managed to stay hidden behind the bush for the entirety of the ritualistic event. Just when she was about to sneak away, the three figures took their things and began walking away.

Slowly and quietly, she followed behind them while staying a good distance away from them.

After a few seconds of walking, the beings began chatting away in the same odd manner as before. The only thing she was able to understand this time was the word Ethilev.

She could have sworn she had already heard that word before, but she was unable to recall what it was. When she had stopped trying to figure out where she had heard the word, she looked ahead only to see that the figures had vanished.

She was shocked. They left without a trace or sound. She could not believe it. There were not many people who could use magic in Light Amethyst and if they could, it was not anything powerful enough to make someone disappear in thin air.

One of the main reasons she lived alone in the forest was because of her magical abilities. Her family was not from this land, so when they abandoned her, she was immediately viewed as an outcast.

Seeing as there was nothing else she could do, she turned around and headed home.

She had already returned home and was going about doing her daily chores when it suddenly popped up. The reason Ethilev sounded so familiar was because that was the name of the famous circus.

Her eyes widened in realization as she dropped her water bucket. "Whatever those guys are planning, it can't be good," she thought aloud.

Without a second thought, she immediately set out for the town. For some reason, something about the circus's name called out to her. She was determined to get to the bottom of this.

Out the door and running at full speed, she wasted no time at all. There was no time to spare because the circus could be starting at any second.

After running for miles, she was out of breath and a sweating mess. Her once sleek dark hair was now frizzy and flying all over the place.

She had made it out of the forest and was nearing the country's square. After a quick pause to catch her breath, she was back on her feet. There were few people on the streets indicating that either the show had already started or was about to start soon.

That thought gave her a blast of energy as she rushed into the square. The gigantic tent in the middle of all the other squares had a strange magical aura coming from it.

There was no way to tell whether it was pure or evil. The whole thing seemed off, but that did not stop her from entering.

Not knowing what to expect, she cautiously made her way into the crowded tent.

The man on stage speaking seemed a bit peculiar. There was doubt in her mind that he was the ring master. From his appearance to the way he spoke, it had to be him.

Somehow, the man's eyes landed on her for a brief second. She could of sworn he winked at her, but maybe it was the lights playing games with her vision.

The first act was a mime who could make his objects real. It was obvious that the people in this circus were talented in magic arts.

"Who would like to be a volunteer for our first act?" The ringmaster asked. Everyone in the crowd was going wild, desperately stretching out their hands in hopes of being selected.

"What about you." The lights focused on the shocked girl as she looked around her. Out of nowhere, a tall, muscular man wearing face paint escorted her onto the stage.

It was too late to back out now, so she went with it.

"What's your name darling?" The ringmaster asked with a smile. His tall top hat casted a shadow on his face, creating a menacing look.

"Caeli." Her voice was orotund, which did not match her shy and timid appearance.

"Well Caeli, let the show begin!" With that, the crowd settled down. Their eyes watching the mime's every move as he walked over to the girl.

Caeli slowly started to back away from him, not liking the look in his eyes.

A smile crawled onto his face as he swung his hands in the air like he had a rope. He then flung it at the girl and began pulling her towards him.

Her body instantly began dragging towards him as the rope slowly became visible. The sounds of surprise and shock came pouring out of the crowd.

He then wrapped the rope tightly around her and placed her in an invisible box. Just like before, the box slowly became visible to the crowd as they began cheering.

Sensing that there was some sort of spell being casted from an odd scent, the girl decided to mime along.

She pretended to have a key in her hand, which suddenly appeared in reality. This proved her theory that someone else was casting the spells. Then she unlocked the box. When she got out, she spotted the ringmaster peering at her from behind the curtains with a grin.

This then became the act. The mime finding ridiculous ways to catch her, while she always managed to escape. The audience seemed to be enjoying the faces the mime made every time she escaped.

This went on for a few minutes before that act was over. The ringmaster then motioned for her to follow him with his fingers.

Wanting to get to the bottom of this, she followed him.

They exited the main tent and walked a little bit before entering a smaller one. The whole time, neither one said anything.

Inside the tent, there were eleven people all wearing masks and long robes. The magical aura they were radiating was intense and they seemed dangerous.

"Call me Abidon," the ringmaster introduced himself, tipping his heart. "And these here are my monsters," he said while pointing at the masked figures.

"Welcome to our freak show."

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